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$24.33 - $32.00 hourly
California National Guard San Luis Obispo, CA, USA
May 22, 2019
Full time
THIS IS A T32 EXCEPTED SERVICE, PERMANENT  POSITION  located in the Joint Forces Headquarters-State, Logistics Directorate (J-4), Surface Maintenance Facility and is part of the CA FMS 19 Camp San Luis Obispo. The primary purpose of the SURFACE MAINTENANCE MECHANIC, WG-5801-8/10, is to perform maintenance, repair, troubleshooting, inspection, and/or overhaul of a variety of combat, tactical, commercial, and special purpose vehicles and equipment. Qualifications General Experience:  Experience which demonstrates knowledge of equipment to be able to do routine jobs, simple preventative maintenance tasks, and is able to use common tools and equipment in the line of work. SURFACE MAINTENANCE MECHANIC, WG-5801-08 (trainee):  Must have at least 12 months experience using common hand and power tools and a small variety of test and measurement devices to make mechanical repairs; Experience removing, adjusting, replacing, cleaning, and installing a variety of parts, components, and accessories; Experience which demonstrates a basic understanding of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic theory applying to vehicles; and skill to replace, fit, install, and make adjustments; Experience demonstrating an understanding of the makeup and operation of the various individual systems maintained and their interrelationships; Experience reading and interpreting parts lists, manufactures' repair manuals, diagrams, and electrical schematics. SURFACE MAINTENANCE MECHANIC, WG-5801-10:  Must have at least 18 months experience diagnosing, repairing, overhauling, and modifying more complex vehicles, equipment, and more complicated systems; Experience which has provided a thorough knowledge of diagnostic equipment; Experience applying independent judgment in determining methods and techniques required to solve unusually complex maintenance and repair problems; Experience in testing, inspecting, and evaluating the work performed on vehicles, equipment and systems. TRAINEE POSITION:  Applicants not meeting full qualifications for the WG-10 position indicated above may be considered for WG-08 trainee, if qualified. Statement-of-Difference of qualification requirements for each are indicated. If appointed as trainee, the selectee may be non-competitively promoted to WG-10 upon meeting full qualifications and recommendations of supervisor. Your qualifications will be evaluated on the following competencies: Ability To Use and Maintain Tools and Equipment Instruct Knowledge of Equipment Assembly, Installation, Repair, etc. Trouble Shooting CA-10494651-AR-19-301  
$51,026 - $66,253 yearly
California National Guard San Miguel, CA, USA
May 22, 2019
Full time
THIS IS A T32 EXCEPTED SERVICE, PERMANENT P OSITION located in the Army National Guard and is part of the CA MATES Camp Roberts. The primary purpose of the SUPPLY TECHNICIAN, GS-2005-7, is to provide storage and distribution, cataloging or supply identification systems, property utilization, or other related supply activities including those associated with automated or manual supply accounting systems. Qualifications General Experience:  Experience, education, or training in a variety of operations or situations concerned with substance or content of supply actions, requiring ability to decide course of action to take, considering the circumstances or conditions encountered; Experience using computer and automation systems. SUPPLY TECHNICIAN, GS-2005-7:  Must have at least 12 months experience which demonstrates a thorough knowledge of governing supply regulations, policies, procedures, and instructions applicable to the specific assignment; Experience conducting extensive searches for required information; reconstructing records for complex supply transactions; and/or provide supply operations support for activities involving specialized or unique supplies, equipment, or parts; Experience performing routine aspects of supply work based on practical knowledge of standard procedures, where assignments include individual case problems related to a limited segment in one of the major areas of supply management. Your qualifications will be evaluated on the following competencies: Customer Service Manages and Organizes Information Self-Management Technical Competence   CA-10493223-AR-19-294      
$58,466 - $76,000 yearly
California National Guard Long Beach, CA, USA
May 22, 2019
Full time
THIS IS A T32 EXCEPTED SERVICE, PERMANENT  POSITION  The primary purpose of the PRODUCTION CONTROLLER, GS-1152-9, is to perform maintenance production management, to achieve or maintain desired production levels, to serve as an equipment readiness expert for units supported by the facility, and to provide technical guidance and oversight to a lower-graded Production Controller. Qualifications General Experience:  Experience, education or training which provides the ability to reason in quantitative terms, communicate orally and in writing in a clear and concise manner, understanding the terminology and data pertaining to repair operations and process characteristics of the production activity. PRODUCTION CONTROLLER, GS-1152-9:  Must have at least 24 months experience preparing job or work orders; scheduling various phases of projects into the production facility; following up to see if work is progressing as planned and arranging for adjustments in materials, machine processes, and work sequencing allowing for changes; Experience with current automation support programs to input data, provide status of equipment, and monitor job order status, monitor work priorities, requisition repair parts, track repair parts status, etc. Your qualifications will be evaluated on the following competencies: Ability To Provide Production Support Services Production and Processing Reasoning Self-Management CA-10492499-AR-19-290  
Quinn Group Foothill Ranch, Lake Forest, CA, USA
May 22, 2019
Full time
TECHNICIAN CAREER FAIR Quinn Company is hosting a Technician Career Fair. Please join us and meet the Quinn team. If you are an experienced technician and looking to make an exciting career change, then come take a look at the opportunities at Quinn. Find out about Quinn Technician career opportunities in areas such as: • Heavy Equipment • Agricultural Equipment • Diesel Engines • Power Systems • Lift Trucks • Hydraulics Quinn Company is the largest dealer of Caterpillar equipment in California. Quinn spans 22 locations that provide service throughout Central and Southern California. When: Saturday, June 22, 2019 from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM Where: Quinn Company, 25961 Wright St., Foothill Ranch, CA 92610 Happy Wednesday! Quinn will be hosting a Technician Job Fair at our Foothill Ranch location Saturday, June 22 from 8:00am to 11:00am. Attached is the flyer with detailed information, please share with anyone who may be interested.   Bruce Riley  

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