• Sacramento, CA, United States

Our People

Our outstanding people make Inter-Con a great customer-focused company. With our unique legacy and culture, we attract innovative, dynamic and creative staff that energetically support our clients and passionately work to make a measurable impact on the security program. Our culture of empowerment at the lowest level, with clear guidelines for appropriate escalation of issues, ensures that each customer receives the full benefit of protection by the Inter-Con team. Every day, our tens of thousands of protection and supervisory personnel work on site to secure our customers’ facilities, employees, visitors, products and information from a range of threats. A comprehensive corporate management and support team sustains our field operations. Our people come from all over the world, with diverse educational and professional backgrounds, all bound by a shared passion for problem solving. Our detailed pre-screening process identifies applicants with the right mix of passion, energy, capability and experience for each position. Only applicants who meet our high standards are selected to join Inter-Con. By placing the right personnel in the right positions, Inter-Con ensures program success. We demand the very best from our personnel, and the results of that commitment to excellence are evident in the appearance, attentiveness, and performance of our security staff. Inter-Con has delivered best-in-class security services for more than 41 years to a wide range of customers in critical and often difficult settings, both domestic and international. Our success is primarily attributable to Inter-Con’s skilled selection and thorough training of quality people.