Clark Pacific

  • Woodland, CA, USA

Who We Are

Our Mission

Clark Pacific is a pioneering team of talented engineers, craftspeople and builders committed to developing, producing and providing to our world-class clients innovative state-of-the-art prefabricated building systems with excellence.

We strive to provide security and career growth for our employees through the continued development of new products and sustainable building concepts, a practice which delivers high value to our clients, keeps our company financially strong, and fosters a vibrant work environment.

Our Values

Safety – Keeping an eye out for each other. (Getting home safely every day.)

Quality – Doing things right. (Even when no one is looking.)

Integrity – Doing the right thing. (No matter what.)

Respect – Treating everyone with dignity. Valuing team members’ contributions.

Innovation – Continuously creating new and better approaches and solutions that positively impact our customers and our company.

Perseverance – Never accepting defeat. Driving ourselves to meet every challenge head on to champion great results for our customers and our company. (“It is not falling down, but staying down that defines failure”)


Our Commitment

Our Commitment

High quality service, unparalleled technical expertise, commitment to excellence, and attention to detail.

These are the qualities that have earned Clark Pacific a valued reputation among owners, developers, architects, engineers and general contractors. Clark Pacific’s team of engineers and prefabrication craft experts are the most highly accomplished in the industry, and possess the technical knowledge and experience to provide true value to our partners at every stage of project development and delivery – from design to construction. Clark Pacific takes pride in building on time and on budget without compromising service or quality.