Xiphos Corp

  • Sacramento

"Xiphos Corp. was founded in 2017 by two U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets) and a U.S. Marine Corps veteran. The Xiphos executive team recognized a growing demand throughout the U.S. for an organization capable of providing specialized and flexible security solutions to any market.

“Competence, Capability, Community,” are the pillars that Xiphos is founded upon, and they guide every decision we make. These words describe the sum of our collective experiences which guides our vision and the implementation of the services we offer. In addition to our local community outreach, we have made it a priority to be active in the veteran community. One of the goals of Xiphos is to help newly transitioned military personnel integrate into the civilian workforce. 

Unique to Xiphos is our ability to leverage our specialized military training and pair it with our years of experience working security in the legal cannabis space. The Xiphos executive team now offers a security suite of products that range from consultations and training, to transportation, physical security and camera monitoring.  We stay ahead of the threats through our local community outreach, and we mitigate them by fielding the latest in commercially available technology. In this way, Xiphos Corp. has a full spectrum of security solution that can be tailored to any our client’s needs."