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The Utility Military Assistance Program: California Utility Military Assistance Program (UMAP-CA) is openly recruiting current California National Guard members, Reservists and Honorably Discharged military veterans for our 2023 utilities training program. This program is also open to current active duty personnel pursuing the Department of Defense’s SkillBridge program.

The program is designed to provide the requisite skills and knowledge an individual will need for a successful career within the utility sector. UMAP-CA Training Program will provide a 15-day skilled worker training for Leak Survey Technicians.

Upon completion of the training, workers will conduct scheduled and unscheduled leak survey of gas Distribution and Transmission system pipelines to meet code compliance by various means; including but not limited to aerial, mobile or on foot, make independent judgements in identifying abnormal operating conditions (AOC’s) and classify gas leaks based on conditions found, and perform other related duties as
Leak Survey Technician