Otto Construction

  • Sacramento, CA, USA

We believe in creating an outstanding product at a competitive price. We believe in nurturing high standards of skill and integrity in our team members. We believe in a dedication to the safety of our staff. We believe in a commitment to ecologically friendly construction. Most of all, we believe our values as a company are every bit as important to us…and to you…as the quality of our product.

Otto Construction prides itself in creating an outstanding product at a competitive price. This is largely due to our ability of performing a large percentage of work, such as concrete formwork, concrete placement, rough carpentry, and finish carpentry, with our own forces. By self-performing certain tasks Otto can better control quality, costs, and schedules.

We manage the complete BIM model, working with our design and construction partners. The building is designed virtually, allowing coordination that identifies potential problems or conflicts. This allows the team to resolve the issues long before construction ever starts on the project, saving countless hours and dollars in the field while increasing construction efficiency and the integration of all systems.