Vanir Construction Management, Inc.

  • Sacramento, CA, USA

It's about more than just work

Vanir employees are a diverse group of individuals who believe in teamwork, mutual respect and hard work. Culturally, we try to be “non corporate” and endeavor to create a work environment that is conducive to creativity and camaraderie. Our employees participate in a variety of activities inside and outside the office, such as holiday celebrations, summer picnics, team building exercises and family-friendly events.

We also believe in giving back to our communities and the people who reside in them. The “Vanir Gives Back” program encourages employees and their families to be active in volunteerism and charitable activities. Past projects and events have included fundraising runs and walks, toy and food drives, student outreach projects, and updating and improving run-down neighborhood facilities.

Check back often to learn more about the latest happenings here at Vanir.


Gary Munson

Team C