Precision Vascular Access

Who We Are

Precision. With a gentle touch.

We are San Diego's local Vascular Access Expert Nurses. 

Each of our nurses are specially trained in the specialty field of vascular access and are experts in vascular access device (VAD) selection, troubleshooting and the placement of peripherally inserted central catheters (PICC) lines, midlines and ultrasound-guided peripheral IV's.

 Patient comfort and customer service are our highest priority.

What We Do

All inclusive infusion care services

PICC line placement

-Designed for patients that require long-term intravenous therapy longer than one month and up to one year
-i.e. long-term antibiotics, TPN, chemo

Midline placement

-Designed for patients who are difficult sticks and/or require longer-term peripheral access for up to one month
-Better quality peripheral access
-NOT a central line

Ultrasound-guided PIV placement

-Designed for patients who are difficult sticks requiring intravenous access for intermittent or short-term infusion therapy, usually less than six days.

Comprehensive Infusion Services

-Total infusion care services
- Services include vascular access device placement, care and maintenance of line, lab draws, extensive patient education and follow-up care throughout the prescribed duration of therapy
Kevin Rogers VSC