Bureau of Reclamation

  • Folsom, CA, United States

The Bureau of Reclamation:

Manages, develops, and protects water and related resources in an environmentally and economically sound manner in the interest of the American public.

Is the nation's largest wholesale water supplier, operating 338 reservoirs with a total storage capacity of 140 million acre-feet (an acre-foot, 325,851 gallons of water, supplies enough water for a family of four for one year).

Provides 1 out of 5 (or, 140,000) Western farmers with irrigation water for 10 million farmland acres that produce 60 percent of the nation's vegetables and one quarter of its fresh fruit and nut crops.

Is the second largest producer of hydropower in the United States and operates 53 hydroelectric powerplants that annually produced, on average, 40 billion kilowatt-hours for the last 10 years.

Delivers 10 trillion gallons of water to more than 31 million people each year.

Manages, with partners, 289 recreation sites that have 90 million visits annually.

Reclamation’s management and recreation activities contribute $48.05 billion in economic output, and support about 387,777 jobs.

The Bureau of Reclamation priorities are to:

Ensure the continued delivery of water and power benefits in conformity with contracts, statutes, and agreements.

Operate and maintain projects in a safe and reliable manner, protecting the health and safety of the public and Reclamation employees and improve financial accountability and transparency to our contractors.

Honor State water rights, interstate compacts, contracts with Reclamation users, further the Secretary of the Interior's Indian Trust responsibilities, and comply with all environmental statutes.

Plan for the future using programs that focus Reclamation's financial and technical resources on areas in the West where conflict over water either currently exists or is likely to occur in the coming years.

Enhance the business operations of Reclamation in accord with the Managing for Excellence initiative.

Provide for the implementation of the newly authorized Loan Guarantee Program that can assist districts with large operation and maintenance/replacement projects on Reclamation facilities and facilities used to deliver Reclamation supplies.

The Bureau of Reclamation is:

Developing strategies to manage and deliver water more efficiently and effectively to our customers in order to help satisfy the many needs of irrigation, municipalities, power and the environment and serving as a technical resource for water users and planners.

Working in partnership with states, Tribes, water and power customers, and others to seek creative and collaborative solutions to Western water issues.

Ensuring our dams do not create unacceptable risk to the public by monitoring, evaluating, and when appropriate, performing risk reduction modifications.


Gary Munson

Team C

$36,000 - $47,000 yearly
Bureau of Reclamation Folsom, Ca. USA
Jun 20, 2019
Full time
Vacancy Questions Preview Grade: 05 1 GS-5 Choose one answer that best describes your experience, education or combination of education and experience as related to the basic qualification requirements for this position. Answer to this question is required I have at least one year of specialized experience that has equipped me with the particular knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully perform the duties of the position. This experience is related to the work of the position and equivalent to at least the GS-04 level in the Federal service as described below. I have completed four full years of education above high school level. I have a combination of post-high school education and specialized experience that meets 100% of the qualification requirements for this position. I do not meet any of the requirements described above. Grade: All Grades 1 Select all of the tasks you have performed as regular and recurring part of your job assignments. Answer to this question is required Search files, documents or other sources for informational materials. Search for and locate records presumed lost or misplaced. Conduct personal inquiries or searches to obtain information from a number of different offices and personnel. Interpret and apply regulations dealing with records maintenance, storage, retrieval, retirement and destruction. Plan, coordinate, and establish work-tracking systems to monitor action items and deadlines. Design, document, and implement new or revised administrative procedures to meet organizational needs. Establishing and maintaining office files. Planning, organizing, and coordinating duties, including multi-tasking when necessary. Utilizing computer systems to verify, input, or download data. None of the above. 2 Please indicate your experience in handling, filing, and retrieving highly technical information. Choose all that apply. Answer to this question is required Operation and maintenance instructions Equipment data Contract Specifications Electrical, mechanical, and/or civil engineering standards Technical reports, books, and/or other publications None of the above 3 Please select the responses that describe your records management experience. Answer to this question is required Consolidate new material with previously filed material. Assigns incoming and outgoing technical correspondence and documents with a numeric file classification. Conduct extensive searches from several indexes and historical records. Performs related file functions such as processing outgoing materials, using applicable retention and disposal authorities. Screens and separates materials related to special project or programs. Classify, cross reference and index subject matters in varying formats. Routes correspondence by assigning the appropriate routing code. Prepares a log, index, or synopsis of contents prior to routing to appropriate office for action. Maintains up-to-date master file (s) of all administrative circulars, notices and publications. Maintains records related to Privacy Act Information and/or Sensitive Information using appropriate retention and disposal methods for each. Classifies incoming correspondence and assigns the documents to the subject matter expert for responses and/or action. Recognizes proper coding to determine if documents are filed correctly. Identifies sensitive, confidential, restricted, fax, c-file, incoming, and outgoing documents. None of the above 4 I have experience using an Automated Indexing System for records management purposes to include retrieving files; identifying records as checked out; searching for hard to find materials; and auditing files for date and filing accuracy. Answer to this question is required Yes No 5 Select the statements that best describe your experience coordinating with others to accomplish work-related activities or project assignments. (Please ensure that your resume contains sufficient data to validate your selection). Answer to this question is required Arrange conferences, which include participants from outside the immediate organization Arrange local meetings Prepare materials, ensuring that they are ready prior and during meeting Perform routine tasks to assist co-workers Coordinate and research data files Coordinate with others to explain ideas or discuss information of limited difficulty or complexity None of the above 6 Select the response that best describes your experience maintaining both physical and electronic files and records to ensure the integrity and security of sensitive information. Answer to this question is required I have not had training or experience in performing this task. I have completed training in maintaining and securing records containing sensitive information but have not yet performed it on the job. I have filed sensitive information under close supervision by a supervisor, manager, or senior employee to ensure compliance with correct procedures. I have been responsible for maintaining and securing records containing sensitive information as a regular part of my job independently and usually without review by a supervisor, manager, or senior employee. This task has been a central or major part of my work. I have performed it myself routinely, I have trained others in performance of this task and oversee the integrity of the records program. 7 I have experience in the following mail processing procedures. Check all that apply. Answer to this question is required Special handling Return receipts Certified mail Registered mail Special Delivery United Parcel Service Federal Express Postage meter machine Tracking suspense dates Special Packaging Other None of the above 8 Please indicate the types of items and/or materials you have mailed. Choose all that apply. Answer to this question is required Historical Records Machinery parts and equipment Fragile contents Drawings and specifications Letters and packages Certified mail FedEx letters and packages UPS packages Hazardous waste products Laboratory samples (such as dirt, rock, water, etc.) Exhibit displays None of the above 9 I have experience processing incoming and outgoing mail and the pickup and delivery of interoffice mail. Answer to this question is required True False 10 Select the software application(s) that you are proficient in (proficient means you understand and utilize a major part of the systems functionality/capabilities). Answer to this question is required Microsoft Word Other word processing software such as WordPerfect, WordPro, etc. Microsoft Access Microsoft Excel Other data management/spreadsheet software such as Lotus 1-2-3, Lotus Approach, Peachtree, etc. Microsoft PowerPoint Other presentation software such as CorelDraw, Freelance Graphics, etc. Electronic mail and messaging (i.e., GroupWise, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, etc.) Other Applications including Government Systems (i.e. time and attendance, accounting, scientific, security, supply, etc.) and Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) systems. None of the above. 11 Select from the list below, the types of interactions you have experienced as a regular part of a job. Answer to this question is required Greet office visitors and direct them to the appropriate office or individual staff member Explain administrative procedures to staff members Answer office telephone and provide information to callers or refer the caller to the appropriate office or individual staff member Interact with staff members and the public in a courteous and professional manner None of the above 12 Select one statement that best describes your ability to retain composure under stressful situations when dealing with a variety of people. Answer to this question is required My experience has not required me to deal with a variety of people in stressful situations. I have limited experience in handling stressful situations that deal with a variety of people. When I have, my supervisor or a senior level person was there to assist me in these situations. I served in positions where I maintained composure in stressful situations dealing with a variety of people. Most of the time, I was able to do this without the review or intervention of my supervisor or a senior level person. I served in positions where I maintained composure in stressful situations dealing with a variety of people. I was able to do this without the review or intervention of my supervisor or senior level person. 13 Select the office equipment you have routinely used. Answer to this question is required Fax machine Photocopy machine Calculator Typewriter Postage meter Scanner Personal computer None of the above 14 Have you received an employee performance appraisal rating in the previous 12 months? Answer to this question is required Yes 14.1 Indicate who officially rated your performance (e.g., immediate supervisor, 2nd level supervisor, acting supervisor, etc.). Also, indicate your rating in terms of the performance system (e.g., 3 level rating out of a 5-tier system; 2 level rating out of a 3-tier system; Pass rating out of a Pass/Fail system). Maximum length of 250 characters.   No 15 In the last three years, have you been recognized for your performance, accomplishments, and/or contributions at work? Answer to this question is required Yes 15.1 Indicate the type of recognition received (e.g., monetary award, time off award, safety award, plaque, etc.), for what purpose, and from whom (e.g., supervisor, co-worker, community or government official). Maximum length of 250 characters. Gary Munson https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/537317600 Guerrero Nunez, Veronica vguerreronunez@usbr.gov