Hyve Salutions inc

  • Fremont, CA, USA

Hyve Solutions aligns itself with the guiding principles of visibility, velocity, and value to achieve a maximum benefit to our customers, employees, and shareholders. We deliver the finest products and services in the industry and treasure loyalty, teamwork, integrity, and hard work from all of our employees and business partners.



Visible and transparent actions allow us to see progress and barriers to success. This visibility provides accurate and timely information about challenges and opportunities, allowing us to be proactive in our actions and decision-making.



It’s the capability to adapt quickly and anticipate changes in the marketplace of our customers and vendors. Velocity means being flexible and reacting to change as quickly as possible. We move quickly to make decisions and execute them, managing our resources to maximize customer satisfaction and results.



Value is upheld in all that we do. If something we do does not produce value to our staff, customers, or shareholders, we simply shouldn’t be doing it. This focus forces all of our resources to activities that are important to our customers.


Our Mission

Hyve Solutions helps customers, business partners, and employees achieve success through shared goals, strategies, resources, and technology solutions.

With wise investments, innovation, and solutions-based products, we increase shareholder and corporate value to all stakeholders.


Our Code of Conduct

Hyve Solutions’ reputation and success are measured by how we conduct business every day. To ensure we uphold our company’s values and practice ethical behavior in all of business dealings, associates and business partners are guided by our code of ethics.

Code of Ethical Business Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct

Modern Slavery Statement


Our Values

Hyve Solutions strives to make its commitments a reality. We expect our staff to demonstrate:

Integrity: Adhere to moral and ethical values, measured by personal conduct on a daily basis. Model sincerity, honesty, and candor in the workplace.

Continuous learning: Seek opportunities to acquire knowledge or skills by means of study, practice, and/or experience. Find new ideas and creative solutions. Closely observe and learn from peers as well as discover opportunities for self-development through new work assignments.

Strong work ethic: Believe in the moral benefit of working to achieve outstanding results and, in doing so, be both a formal and an informal role model to others. Be known as hardworking and tenacious – exhibit a strong and positive attitude toward aggressive personal, team, and company goal attainment.

Quality of Work: Strive for achievement. Attain the highest levels of performance in everything you do. Demand the best and be held accountable for all results. Do the job right, the first time.

Commitment: Be committed to your role and immediate organization and to the long-term success of the company. Inspire trust and respect in others. Be recognized as an individual who “walks the walk.”  This mindset manifests itself internally with all colleagues, as well as externally with customers and vendors.

Teamwork: Be a cooperative, participative team member. Be generous with time and ideas when involved in team or organizational activities. Understand the value of leveraging strengths by working together. Look for opportunities to share credit with colleagues and team participants.

Execution and Results: Consistently achieve business results through continuous focus on velocity and process improvement. Be adept at delivering bottom line results. Effectively gain necessary support to improve execution and be responsive to cross-functional requests.

Respect for the Individual: Build effective working relationships at multiple organizational levels – both inside and outside your own business group. Exhibit a sincere belief that people add value. Treat others with respect and dignity. Consistently demonstrate a genuine ability and interest to listen and learn from others as well as consider other points of view.

Manageable Risks: Exhibit a high level of initiative and creativity. Improve processes to support company or organizational objectives and be comfortable with the risks associated with challenging the status quo. Develop and assess worst case scenarios to mitigate unnecessary risk and make the best decision possible.

Gary Munson