Armed Guard Private Security


Field Reporting & Guard Management


  • No more hand written paper logs or back logged electronic logs. 
  • No more infield security errors by the company. The client pays for a specific type of service and we ensure the client receives what they pay for
  • Real-time out of zone SMS and email notifications
  • Geo-tagged guard location when a critical report is logged
  • Configurable areas for authorized and restricted zones
  • Breadcrumb GPS history with detailed field activities
  • Robust notification center for different types of geo-events
  • All active accounts, zones, and users easily accessible
  • Real-time maps, because everyone loves maps!
  • Site dedicated emergency contacts, post and escalation order
  • Real-time acknowledgment of escalation order
  • Support Barcodes, QR codes, NFC and GPS checkpoints
  • Generate detailed and accurate patrol data
  • Real-time GPS tracking during entire shift
  • Automated guard tour summary with GPS tracks
  • Real-time late, incomplete or completed tour notifications
  • Photo logs uploaded directly to the clients account such as maintenance issues and suspect and other pertinent details. A photograph is worth a thousand words. 


Body Worn Cameras

All of Armed Guard Private Security Officers are required to wear their department issued Body Worn Cameras and activate the camera prior to the contact with any member of the public.  These cameras are real cameras and of equal or better quality than most law enforcement agencies. 


The cameras track the officers location, have 2k resolution and the officer is required to download check the Body Worn Camera in at the beginning and the end of each shift so the footage can be stored pursuant to the organization retention policies. 


There are many benefits from ensuring that each and everyone of our officers are equipped with the BWC.  We routinely use the contacts made from officers in the field to help better train officers with dealing with the public. Furthermore, it's an added layer of protection for our client and assurance for law enforcement that we acted correctly. 

Security Training Gone Above-and-Beyond

Armed Guard Private Security Incorporated's Security Officers, whether fully armed or unarmed with less than lethal go above and beyond the minimum state required training. Without going into to much detail, we ensure that every guard has gone through a full course in every discipline for every weapon he/she is allowed to carry.  Further, we not only make the guard go through a local state licensed and fully insured reputable security facility for yearly, we pay for it. 


Armed Guard Private Security Incorporated ensures that each officer receives yearly re-certification and demonstrates proficiency.  Armed Guard Private Security Incorporated also examines each prospective employee's training records to make sure that they fall within section 643(b) of the California Code of Regulations.


Should the prospective employee not have all of the required certifications, the candidate is kindly explained to the laws, shown the codes and either referred to the next available academy we are aligned with, explained they may  attend another entities academy or  unfortunately just not hired. 


Armed Guard Private Security Incorporated has field compliance officers out checking on the guards during the performance of their duties checking to ensure the officer is in possession of all of his/her state required permits and a valid government ID.