Steelheart International LLC

I am a veteran, and owner/founder of Steelheart International LLC .... also Steelheart International Foundation.  In both cases we are engaged primarily in food security and affordable housing, both domestically and abroad. 

In California, the goal is to provide houses for the homeless, ag workers, students, working class families and disaster areas.  We use light gauge steel panelized construction, which is lighter and stronger than stick construction.  Subject to funding, which I don't think will be a problem, I am planning the first project in Lincoln on 20 acres, which will consist of an equestrian center (existing) and developing a hydroponic farm community.  We will build houses on site, and envision creation of over 20 houses.  My goal for building the houses is to train trainers, who can then move and replicate the process elsewhere.  In any case, we will be training workers for hydropoinics, which in large part is the future of farming and home building, and all that is associated with that.  

I came out of retirement to do this.  While I am planning to live forever, I need to create a strong platform for growth with qualified people looking for a career opportunity for a noble cause.