Hire My Husband LLC

  • Benicia, CA, USA

“Running a business that helps people turn their home into a comfortable, enjoyable place to live is gratifying,” says Dawson Urban, the Wife of Hire My Husband. “It is comments like ‘WOW!’ when someone walks into a reorganized master bedroom walk-in closet, or ‘I couldn’t have done this without you’ from an elderly customer or busy family that really makes our efforts worthwhile. Besides, wouldn’t you like to have your days off free to do other things?”

Knowledgeable, reliable, dependable service

Hire My Husband Quality Painting & Home Repair was established in 2002 by Dawson and her husband Andrew. A previous career in the hospitality industry provides the customer service experience and renovation background that makes Hire My Husband a success. As demand for their services increased, the team of “husbands & wives” has grown to provide the right skill set for the job required.