Kamps Propane

  • California, USA

Kamps Propane
is California's local propane gas company.

We've got offices in and near the communities that rely on propane for clean energy. Our employees are local people with ties to the small towns where propane heats the homes and fuels local business. Turn to us when you need reliable propane service and affordable propane prices.


Kamps Propane is a service-based energy company.

We offer automatic propane delivery service to prevent you from running out of fuel (and hot water). We repair propane appliances. We provide propane tank installation (above and underground). We also provide propane tank rentals and propane safety checks for our customers.

Kamps Propane has served the clean energy needs of California since 1969.

We are one of the leading propane companies in the State of California and one of the only propane suppliers in CA that offers propane for sale via wholesale, retail and resale distribution. Pick-Up Propane is our BBQ gas or BBQ tank exchange company. KIVA Energy is our wholesale propane company serving the Western United States.

We are actively partnering with local and regional fleet managers to help them become propane autogas users. Propane autogas is the affordable, environmentally-practical way to reduce vehicle fuel expenses and cut greenhouse gas emissions. Call us today to schedule a meeting with one of our autogas specialists and we’ll show you how to cut your fleet fuel bills and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time!