Vapor Point

  • Long Beach, CA, USA

A major Gulf Coast refinery manager came to our founders with a problem: how to better manage benzene emissions from vac truck exhaust. That conversation began a decade-long R&D effort, the result of which was a new breed of vapor control device—VaporLockTM.


In Vapor Point’s early days—around 2008—our work revolved around assisting clients in managing their Maintenance, Start Up, and Shutdown permit obligations in Texas. As new EPA requirements grew out of BWON and MACT, we quickly leveraged our core VaporLockTM and Hydraulic AmalgamationTM technologies to help our clients stay ahead of these new compliance requirements.   In 2015, when the EPA developed the Refinery Sector Risk Analysis and subsequent rule revisions, Vapor Point was again at the forefront, leading efforts to design solutions to satisfy these new mandates. While our competitors continued to push the same, tired methods of destruction or direct chemical treatment, Vapor Point was—and still is—the only company to develop innovative, safer, more cost-effective methods for managing EPA emissions restrictions. From the start, Vapor Point has focused on anticipating our clients’ ever-evolving regulatory compliance challenges. Today our VaporLockTM technology includes a full suite of applications servicing the upstream, midstream, and downstream petrochemical industries.


$23.00 - $25.00 hourly
Vapor Point Long Beach, CA, USA
Aug 12, 2019
Full time
POSITION SUMMARY Vapor Point’s Application Specialist primary responsibility is to manage customer needs by applying Vapor Point’s patent technology for the control/recovery of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs such as Benzene) and Hydrogen Sulfide H2S gases, and by performing regulatory required testing and data recording to ensure that customer operations maintain compliance and safety standing. QUALIFICATIONS AND EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS Vapor Point only seeks persons that have the capacity to learn, presents a positive disposition, and takes ownership in the work they perform, works well with team members, and is willing to take the necessary steps to ensure customer and company objectives are met.  High School Diploma or GED  Clean Driving Record  CDL is preferred but not required  TWIC Credentials Required  Basic knowledge or experience in refinery processes preferred  Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office  Military Experience is preferred but not required  Can communicate clearly both written and orally in English   Jessica Fowlkes Team D