Rescue is a full-service marketing company unlike any other marketing company. Driven by our mission to make healthy behaviors easier and more appealing, we provide services exclusively to organizations that share our mission.

While there are many ways to change behavior, our 13 years of experience in behavior change has led us to focus on three proven practices: knowledge change, policy change and culture change. Within each of these three practices we have developed a proprietary strategy to achieve change; HealthComm™ for knowledge change; Evolvement® for policy change and Social Branding® for culture change.

We first work with each client to clarify what they want to achieve; knowledge, policy or culture change. While each one can affect the other, one must be prioritized to build an efficient and effective plan. Formative research is always critical, and it occurs before or immediately after a type of change is defined. We call our proprietary formative research process the Functional Analysis for Cultural Interventions, or FACI for short.

Then, with formative research in hand, we develop a long-term program to achieve the targeted change. We avoid the term “campaign” because advertising campaigns are typically too short and focus more on getting attention than causing behavior change. Behavior change programs, on the other hand, are multi-layer marketing efforts, grounded in theory, guided by a logic model, and implemented using well-researched best practices.

Every program that we manage uses our HealthComm, Evolvement, or Social Branding strategy. Sometimes, our clients want to achieve multiple outcomes, so we develop multiple programs, each focused on one strategy to achieve one outcome.