Plant Operator - Riverside

$79,114 - $89,074 yearly
  • University of California Riverside UCR
  • Riverside, CA, USA
  • Dec 05, 2023
Full time Facilities Installation-Maint-Repair Skilled Labor Maintenance Supervisor

Job Description

General Information


Job Description PLT OPR Working Title Plant Operator
Job Code 005321 Grade  
Department Name Central Plant Operations Dept - D01205 Department Head Adam Schnirel
Supervisor Nils Burkland Effective Date  
Position(s) Directly Supervised
Job Code Title FTE


Department Custom Scope

The Plant Operator performs journey-level work related to the operation, installation, inspection, modification, remodeling and repair of boilers, chillers, cooling towers, pumps, blowers and all ancillary equipment and property associated with all Central Plant Utility Operations; Central Utility Plant; Satellite Chiller Plant; chilled water and steam distribution centers. Executes the preventative maintenance on all equipment and systems for Central Plant Operations and associated buildings. Maintains clear and accurate documentation of all operating data, inspections, testing and maintenance (corrective and/or preventative) performed. Updates equipment documentation, specifications and drawings, as needed. Reviews and updates all plant logs, both paper and electronic according to plant updates and changes. Responds to emergency situations to mitigate and/or resolve immediate plant operating concerns or safety issues. Reviews and creates blueprints/drawings, ISOs and specifications for new construction and retrofit/renovation projects according to building code requirements. Responds to emergency situations during or after hours for the purposes of resolving immediate safety concerns. Performs all job duties in adherence with University and check departmental safety guidelines. Maintains a positive attitude and communicates effectively with colleagues, supervisors, staff, faculty and students. Central Plant Operations are mandated to adhere to California Title 8, subchapter 2, Article 6. 781 (b) regulations for boiler attendance; incumbent may be required to work holidays and weekends, along with scheduled, unscheduled and emergency overtime, as needed.

Please Note: This job posting is for multiple openings. Additionally, the Central Plant operates on a 24/7 schedule therefore various shifts are available including swing and graveyard shifts.

The pay scale for this position is $79,114.32 - $89,074.08.

Applicants must have current work authorization when accepting a UCR staff position. Currently, we are unable to sponsor or take over sponsorship of an employment Visa for staff.

As a university employee, you will be required to comply with all applicable University policies and/or collective bargaining agreements, as may be amended from time to time. Federal, state, or local government directives may impose additional requirements.


Education & Experience Requirements

Education Requirements
Degree Requirement
High school diploma or equivalent. Required


Experience Requirements
Experience Requirement
4 years of journey-level experience in Central Plant Operations preventative maintenance, repair and construction, and/or completion of a certified apprenticeship training; or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience. Required
Demonstrated experience in maintenance, operation, repair, calibration, installation, diagnosis and inspection of industrial/commercial of utility systems. Experience working on Central Plant equipment and piping related but not limited to steam, chilled water, feed water, condensate, natural gas, oil and water associated with Central Plant systems. Required
Knowledge and experience accurately performing water analysis and applying treatment chemicals; experience handling and operating digital control energy management and industrial heating and cooling control systems. Required
Previous steam operations experience in a higher education environment, military/industrial energy operation environment or other large capacity public steam/energy operation. Preferred
Prior experience and ability to prioritize work orders, routine work, emergency requests and ability to choose the proper materials or equipment to accomplish work in the most expeditious and safe manner. Preferred


License Requirements
License Requirement
Valid Drivers License Required


Certification Requirements
Certification Requirement
Steam Engineer Unlimited License. Preferred


Educational Condition Requirements
Condition Requirement


Key Responsibilities

Description % Time
Plant Operations, Maintenance & Repair Continued - Responds to customer calls, documents work request numbers and actions taken by Plant personnel; reports security breaches to any campus building which are noted during campus rounds. Performs installations, inspections, troubleshoots, maintains, modifies, and repairs on Central Plant equipment and piping related to steam, chilled water, feed water, condensate, natural gas, oil and water associated with all Central Plant systems. Maintains, repairs and monitors control systems, propane storage, selective catalytic nitrous oxide reduction systems, transfer and gasification systems and Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems to meet demand and efficiency. Monitors and maintains Central Plant Boiler Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) in accordance with manufacturers and campus requirements to ensure compliance with all federal, state and local agency rules and regulations. Responds to reports of equipment and system failures from Plant Operators to ensure the safe, uninterrupted operation of the Central Plant. Performs routine maintenance, repair, troubleshooting and calibration to ensure efficient operation of Central Plant and chilled water and steam distribution centers, systems, and equipment. Performs preventative maintenance and testing on all systems and equipment according to manufacture and/or campus requirements. Performs brazing and soldering, pipe bending, electrical wiring, plumbing, fabrication and general mechanical repair. Collaborates with other skilled trades and Facilities Services team members to complete minor renovation projects and maintenance projects. Maintains knowledge of building and safety codes, South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and other environmental rules and regulations, hazardous material handling and disposal. 60
Plant Operations, Maintenance & Repair - Responsible for the safe operation of the Central Plant systems and equipment: boilers, chillers, air compressors, vacuum pumps, ancillary pumps and all other equipment. Ensures adequate supply of steam, chilled water, compressed air and vacuum is supplied to the campus at all times. Records data and maintains logs (regularly on predetermined schedule and as required) in support all Central Plant operations. Log and record maintenance includes, but not limited to, boiler operations, chiller systems, meter readings, water tests, and engineering logs. Ensures accuracy in logs by detailing data such as but not limited to ammonia flow, cabinet temperatures, humidity, CEMS data, water records and all other information as necessary. Regulates, tests and treats all water for boiler feed, chilled water, chiller condensing water and boiler make up (soft water) in accordance with published parameters. Maintains water tank levels and pump operations in accordance with published parameters; operates manifolds as necessary in the event of failures. Monitors all equipment, including but not limited to pressures, temperatures, flows, levels and chemical balances and ensures operation of equipment are within design and/or good engineering practices. Monitors Energy Management systems and computers; responds to alarms and performs corrective action as appropriate and/or contacts Facilities Services team members. Understands and maintains knowledge of all Central Plant equipment and systems with the ability to troubleshoot start, stop or shift systems safely to mitigate damage to equipment, property or persons in the event of an emergency. Monitors surveillance cameras and security on all Central Plant buildings and assets; documents and reports security breaches. 20
Shop Support - Maintains working knowledge of the proper and safe usage of plant equipment and maintenance skilled trade. Keeps track of shop materials/parts. Performs computer input within the work order system for recording of labor and materials used in work performed; maintains clear and accurate documentation of all inspections, testing and maintenance performed. Updates equipment documentation, specifications and drawings as needed. Cleans truck/shop and maintains organization of materials and tools; performs routine maintenance or coordinates for repair or replacement of tools and equipment, as required. Accounts for shop parts/supplies inventory and reports supply needs to be restocked. Consults with supervisor and/or lead for technical information, as needed. Interprets prints, schematics, wiring diagrams, flow charts and written descriptions of functions and project requirements. Supports maintenance projects and programmatic work assignments. Adheres to the scheduling and completion of work assignments through the work order system. Maintains accurate work order records and completes paperwork in a neat and timely manner. Defines and describes materials, tools and/or equipment, work methods and task sequences. Obtains materials and equipment, as required. Serves as liaison with clients, relaying their needs and requirements to the appropriate department or supervisor. Maintains a positive attitude and communicates effectively with colleagues, supervisors, staff, faculty and students. 10
Shop Support Continued - Communicates and reports to a supervisor and/or staff regarding any potential issues, not limited to potential safety hazards (e.g. broken glass, regulated materials, damaged steps, excess water, fire, etc.), or liabilities during the day-to-day operations. Contacts Facilities Services teams, as necessary, when further action is required. Responds to customer complaints and requests for information. Works with customer and campus personnel to accurately define the nature of the problem, determine the appropriate course of action, make recommendations and follow up to ensure resolution has been effective. Participates in safety and other trainings as required. Performs all job duties in adherence to all University and Departmental safety guidelines. 10

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge/Skill/Ability Requirement
Ability to effectively communicate and understand safety regulations and hazards. Knowledge in safe and proper procedures when hazardous materials are suspected. Ability to estimate time, methods and materials needed from construction documents. Ability to read and understanding documents such as complex technical procedures, work instructions, blue prints, plans, manuals, specifications, and diagrams. Required
Skill in operating shop equipment and tools common to the skilled trade. Knowledgeable of tools and equipment used for welding and brazing. Required
Ability to read, write and perform basic arithmetic calculations. Ability to communicate and work effectively with co-workers, supervisors, and the general public, and provide exceptional customer service. Ability to follow verbal and written instructions. Ability to record information accurately as is necessary to perform the job responsibilities. Required
Knowledge of UC/UCR policies and systems. Preferred
Working with a diverse student, staff, faculty and visitor population and ability to provide exemplary customer service. Preferred
Basic knowledge and technical skills with computer programs and applications (i.e. Microsoft Word, Excel, Design Cad 2, etc.). Preferred


Special Requirements & Conditions
Special Condition Requirement
Public Driving Record. Required
Shift Work (hours outside standard Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM work hours). Required
Must wear University issued ID badge and uniform. Required
Willingness and ability to work weekends and holidays. Ability to work occasional scheduled and unscheduled overtime, emergency call-back, and a flexible schedule as needed. Required
Hired candidate must pass a background check through the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) prior to appointment start date. Required
Must possess or obtain a Valid CA Driver License in accordance with the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Required
Overtime Required


Other Special Requirements & Conditions


Level of Supervision Received
General Supervision



Working Environment


Other Requirements

Items Used
  • Variety of hand and power tools, materials and equipment associated with boiler and chiller plant work: compressors, pneumatic tools, test instruments, precision tools and measuring instruments, torches, solder, pipe cutting and threading machines, etc.
  • Fax
  • Printer
  • Two-way radio
  • University vehicles and carts
  • Telephone
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Computer


Physical Requirements
  • Walk : Frequently
  • Climb : Occasionally
  • Squat : Occasionally
  • Crawl : Occasionally
  • Other : Physical requirements: ability to work from ladders, scaffolds, man-lifts, and boom trucks or stages at varying heights of up to 25 feet above grade; ability to lift up to 75 pounds; ability to perform repetitive lifting, bending, stooping, climbing, kneeling, pushing, pulling and reaching. Ability to lift, load, carry, move and manipulate various building materials. Ability to follow safe precautions and utilize appropriate safety devices, equipment and gear to safely perform physical requirements and duties.
  • Bend : Occasionally
  • Sit : Frequently
  • Stand : Frequently


Mental Requirements
  • Read/Comprehend : Constantly
  • Reason & Analyze : Constantly
  • Write : Occasionally
  • Perform Calculations : Frequently
  • Communicate Orally : Frequently


Environmental Requirements
  • Is exposed to marked changes in temperature and/or humidity : Yes
  • Fumes : Yes
  • Drives motorized equipment : Yes
  • Other : Environmental requirements: ability to work in confined and dusty spaces and wear respirator or other required safety gear. Ability to work outdoors in extreme and inclement weather conditions ranging from high heat with humidity, to freezing, rainy, and windy conditions. Ability to work around and be exposed to unpleasant sights and smells, dangerous and/or hazardous substances. Ability to drive a van or pick-up truck and ability to safely work around moving vehicles, machinery and equipment. Ability to follow safe precautions and utilize appropriate safety devices, equipment and gear to safely perform duties with exposure to environmental requirements.
  • Is around moving machinery : Yes
  • Is exposed to excessive noise : Yes
  • Dust : Yes
  • Works in confined quarters : Yes

Martin Rivera


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