California State Military Reserve Member

  • California State Military Reserve
  • California, USA
  • May 24, 2018
Volunteer Volunteer

Job Description


A Ready Force, Providing the Highest Quality Support to the ARNG, the ANG, and the Joint Staff Serving California.


​The mission of the California State Military Reserve is to provide an adequately trained and organized State military reserve force under the exclusive control of the Governor. The CSMR is meant to be capable of accomplishing those State emergency responsibilities normally assigned to the National Guard, when the Guard is federalized or otherwise not available.

Core Competencies

​CSMR performs such military duties as the Governor directs within the parameters of applicable federal and state law. Typically those additional military duties include assisting civil authorities during domestic emergencies and assisting in the mobilization and demobilization process of the National Guard.

The CSMR is a volunteer operational force upon which the California National Guard depends. Its members are subject to call to state active duty by the Governor of the State of California.

​If you are interested on learning more about the CSMR please contact the CSMR at 916-854-4258 or our toll free line at 1-866-526-4543.