$80,000 yearly
  • Luster National Inc
  • China Lake, Ridgecrest, CA, USA
  • Sep 16, 2020
Full time Construction Management

Job Description

Multi-million dollar project at NAWS China Lake.  Leadership are prior military – military friendly employer.

Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake is a large military installation located in the Western Mojave Desert region of California, approximately 150 miles north of Los Angeles. NAWS supports the research, testing and evaluation programs of the U.S. Navy. It is part of Navy Region Southwest under Commander, Navy Installations Command. It was originally known as Naval Ordnance Test Station.

Positions are to be filled within 45 days of this posting.  If you meet the qualifications, please submit your resume to and mention the name of the position.   Make sure your resume reflects the required position qualifications/experience.

Applications that do not meet the position requirements, will not be considered/acknowledged.


SCOPE OF SERVICES. The CMSC shall provide all labor, material, and equipment necessary for the CSCM to complete the work described in the paragraphs below. Construction Support Construction Managers (CSCM) will be assigned to construction contract management teams to perform oversite duties for individual construction projects. Projects assigned will vary in type and magnitude including new construction and renovation projects and related work. Project types may range from office and shop buildings, airfield expansions, utility installations, industrial facilities, and research facilities, etc. Project construction budgets will be in the $5M to $400M range. The Contracting Officer Representative (COR) will typically be the lead of an assigned team generally consisting of a Government Contract Specialist (CS), a Government Engineering Technician (ET) or Contraction Support Engineering Technician (CSET) and either a CSCM or a Government Construction Manager (CM). If the team has a CM, that person will typically be assigned as the COR. If the team has a CSCM, the COR duties will be assigned to either the Government ET or another Government CM/AROICC or be retained by the Contract Specialist.

The CSCM is to work with all ETs, CSETs and any other individual that is assigned similar duties as an ET, regardless of that individual’s title. There may be instances where the team membership is composed primarily of contractor personnel. A single team may be responsible for oversight of projects with a value in the range of $100M-$400M or more. Construction Management teams may be required to work on multiple projects, at different stages of design/construction at the same time. The assigned ET/CSET will be the primary person responsible for the on-site Quality Assurance (QA) and safety compliance with assistance from the CSCM or CM or similarly tasked contractor personnel.

QUALIFICATIONS: The following minimum education and professional experience requirements must be met. The candidate MUST DEMONSTRATE the following: 

  1. A degree in engineering from a four-year college/university by the accredited Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) or the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE), an architecture degree from a National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) accredited university. OR, A degree in construction management or engineering technology from a four-year accredited Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) university.
  1. A minimum of seven (7) years of experience as a Construction Manager, Project Manager, or Project/Field Engineer on commercial/industrial type facilities contracts valued in excess of $10 million. 
  1. Ability and willingness to traverse construction jobsites.

Highly Desirable. 

  • Registration as a Professional Engineer (PE) / Registered Architect (RA).
  • Certification as a PMP with the Project Management Institute (PMI) or CCM with the Construction Management Association of American (CMAA) is highly desirable.
  • Experience working on NAVFAC or ACOE projects or for NAVFAC or ACOE.


  • Tactful and professional communications both orally and in writing to all levels of authority and stakeholders. Must be proactive and astute at obtaining decisive action from all affected parties, including the Construction Contractor (Contractor), Supported Commands, and other Agencies overcome issues at all phases of a contract. Must understand that his/her recommendations will be strongly considered in forming the basis for  action by field office leadership.
  • Ability to perform constructability reviews on solicitation packages whether they consist of performance and prescriptive requirements for design-build procurements or plans and specifications for design-bid-build procurements.
  • Ability to prepare cost estimates at all levels and every phase of a contract.
  • Ability to perform technical analysis on contractor cost proposals and develop recommended negotiation positions.
  • Ability to identify risks at all phases of a project, determine their potential impact, and develop mitigation plans to alleviate or reduce the potential impact.
  • Knowledge and use of Primavera P6 scheduling software, along with an understanding of basic scheduling concepts.
  • Fundamental knowledge and skill with the Microsoft Office suite of applications (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access).
  • General computer literacy and comfort with use of email, browsers, and other computer based applications.
  • Developed soft skills that allow one to work effectively with other government professionals, client representatives, contractor management and labor personnel, and others of varying backgrounds and experiences.
  • Understanding of quality control processes as they relate to construction projects.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the requirements within the Army Corps of Engineers EM-385-1-1, Safety and Health manual and/or the OS 29 CFR 1926, Construction Regulations.
  • Ability to prepare pertinent meeting agendas, coordinate meetings to assure attendance by critical stakeholders, maintain meeting order and scope and drive the development of action items and resolutions.




  • Review contract drawings and specifications (including RFPs) for constructability and conformance to base operations constraints and existing field conditions.
  • Participate in pre-award meetings.
  • Coordinate and/or attend post-award contract meetings, such as post-award kickoff meetings (PAK), preconstruction conferences, informal or formal partnering meetings, schedule acceptance meeting, design review meetings, weekly progress meetings, and Facility Turnover Planning Meetings (NAVFAC Red Zone).
  • Review contractor administrative submittals, such as: schedules (both bar charts and networks); environmental protection plan; design and construction quality control plans; health and safety plan; and accident prevention plan, and coordinate review and recommend approval or reject of technical “Government-approved” submittals, such as shop drawings, product data, samples, design data, manufacturer’s instructions, test plans/reports, certificates, and O&M data in a timely manner.
  • Visit construction sites to monitor progress and solicit input from the Engineering Technician/Quality Assurance (ET/QA) representatives, review CQC reports and attend QC and progress meetings. Recommend necessary action to assure contractor’s quality control program is operating effectively and in accordance with the contract requirements. 
  • Provide technical solutions to unforeseen problems that arise during the contract duration in coordination with the designer of record and construction contractor.
  • Provide project status updates to senior Government personnel within the field office.
  • Coordinate property record inventory documents, DD1354 Transfer and Acceptance of Military Real Property and Disposal of DoN Real Property, in accordance with NAVFAC Business Management System (BMS) and in coordination with Project Managers and Installation Real Property Accountable Officer (RPAO).
  • Complete required items to assist in effectively closing out a contract, including tracking receipt and delivery of as-built drawings, O&M manuals/eOMSI and warranty documents for the Supported Command/facility manager or local Public Works Department, in accordance with NAVFAC BMS.
  • Keep the Government sponsor advised as to the status of projects.
  • Identify the need (and subsequent reason code) for a modification to scope, cost and/or schedule based on collaboration with the construction contractor, Supported Command, designer of record and/or other entities.
  • Support the issuance of requests for proposal by determining the needed change and writing the scope of work.
  • Ensure funds are reserved for the modification. 
  • Develop or coordinate the preparation of an independent government estimate (IGE), if the requirement exceeds the Simplified Acquisition Threshold.
  • Prepare or coordinate the preparation of sketches and drawings in support of negotiations and issuance of the modifications.
  • Provide technical support for claims/disputes/terminations processing, negotiation and resolution.
  • Review and recommend approval of contractors' requests for payments and subsequent invoices.
  • Provide recommendations for retainage and/or withholding on contractors’ payment requests/invoices, as required.
  • Monitor and document the contractor’s technical compliance with contractual requirements, and progress relative to their accepted progress schedule and the contract completion date.
  • Notify the Contracting Officer immediately of any significant event or deficiency associated with contract performance.
  • Coordinate with the contracting officer to ensure no unauthorized commitments are inacted.
  • Review construction contractor quarterly reports to the Contracting Officer documenting the contractor’s progress and identifying any problems/issues with the contractor’s performance and recommending possible notice or action to be taken by the Contracting Officer.
  • Note any significant quality and performance failures in a report to the Contracting Officer (such as adverse QA reports, non-compliance noti deficiencies or delays).
  • Document and report any known or perceived vulnerability to fraud associated with contract performance.
  • Maintain a contract file to support the completion of requirements under FAR 604 and DFARS PGI 201.602-2(v).
  • Review Activity Hazard Analyses (AHAs) and ensure these are discussed by the construction contractor and their respective subcontractors prior to beginning each work activity or when a new work crew is to perform the work in accordance with the three phases of QC.


Arne Eastlund


See Job Description for Preferred Qualifications