Assistant / Certified Mold Inspector

$16.00 - $20.00 hourly
  • Same Day Mold Testing, Inc
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Aug 19, 2019
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Job Description

If you're a Veteran, Member of the Guard or Reserves, or a Military Spouse, we can assist you! We gladly help those from all military branches.

Job Title:              Assistant/Certified Mold Inspector

Core Job Duties:

Driving, visually inspecting residential and commercial properties, taking photographs, using moisture meters and air sampling pumps; job-related documentation, delivering samples to the laboratory, delivering payments to the bank, restocking vehicle inventory, data entry, report preparation.

Job Goals:

Start as an assistant in preparation to becoming a Certified Mold Inspector (CMI) that performs two field inspections and prepares 2 to 3 reports per day.

Core Skill Set:

Strong work ethic, punctuality, high levels of customer service, great orator (multilingual a plus, but clean English is a must), great writing and penmanship; computer proficiency. Critical thinking (what, when, where, why, and how), persuasive presenter; time management, attention to details. Natural curiosity about things, problem solver. Efficient worker that is driving during peak traffic hours using dash-mounted GPS device.

Job Requirements:

Right to Work in California. Valid, unrestricted California Driver’s License, clean driving record, great vision, clean criminal background. Associates Degree or better (optional if industry-specific experience), occasional overtime; report preparation, daily interaction with the general public at their residence or place of business, periodic weekend duty. Ability to lift and carry up to 50 lbs. Mold certification.

Passionate about serving customers well, open to constructive criticism for continual improvement. Zero tolerance drug policy, including medical marijuana cards. There is simply too much at stake for you to be under the influence of anything other than a passion for serving customers well. This is a non-smoking environment, so if you smoke cigarettes this is probably not the place for you.

Work Experience:

Prefer two years of experience in a customer service or sales position; some field experience as a driver and worker. Mold industry experience a plus but not required. Military experience a bonus: we value our veterans that have been honorably discharged from his/her branch of the military.

Pay Rate:

$15/hr. – Assistant Mold Inspector through Certification (approximately three months)

$17/hr. – Certified Mold Inspector (12 months)

10% – Eligible for 10% annual increase

Production Bonus for Executing Sampling Protocols

Path to Employment:

  1. Submit resume’ with pay history.
  2. Reliable transportation to get to work. A company vehicle is provided for work.
  3. Full-time availability – anything less and we’ll both lose interest.
  4. Interview – Business Casual Attire. No cologne or other fragranced applications please.
  5. Writing Sample – handwritten and typewritten final draft.
  6. 90-day probationary period as a 1099-paid independent contractor.
  7. Perfect attendance expectation.
  8. Assistant Mold Inspector (AMI), Apprenticeship and Certification during 90-day 1099-paid period: office duty, field duty, documentation and customer service.
  9. Lunch is provided periodically.
  10. Complete company-paid CMI course material, unless already certified.
  11. The time from AMI to CMI is about three months, depending on your application of the New Hire Teaching Curriculum.
  12. If you can handle the first three months, you can handle the next three years should you decide to stay that long.


Comprehensive and thorough training program delivered by an experienced inspector.

Weekly quizzes to test your increasing knowledge base.

Company-paid mold certification: study on your own time if too much incoming work.

Monthly one-on-one meetings for performance and personal development with clear path for advancement.

Health insurance or subsidy payment depending on your insurability – subject to change contingent upon Affordable Care Act compliance.

Eligible for bonus pay to successfully execute sampling protocols.

Fringe benefits: meals, fuel, Groupon.

Eligible for yearend bonus for successful company performance.

Up to 10% annual pay raise based on Key Performance Indicators.

Cumulative paid time off for illness based on hours worked, in compliance with State Law.

Career path toward becoming an Office Manager after two years CMI experience.


2-year non-compete agreement that precludes you from working for another mold inspection company, including your own – especially if you have no mold experience.

Crawling into attics and under houses.

No retirement plan first 12 months.

Dealing with water damage and mold contamination, which can present a health risk; we provide personal protective equipment. 

If you are highly allergic, this is probably not the job for you.


We are a growing company and need productive & reliable team members to achieve our ambitious goals. This job requires a lot of your time and availability. You will get paid for adding value to the company.

We have a solid brand to uphold and the mold industry is very litigious: a lawsuit for poor workmanship can put the company out of business.

You should not apply for this job if you have an unstable personal life (relationship problems, daycare problems and unreliable transportation), or lack the work ethic for a 40+ hour workweek.

You should not apply for this job is you think you can do the bare minimum to collect a paycheck. It will become evident early-on if you are simply showing up to collect money. Your disinterest will be revealed, and you will be released because we don’t have room for “button pushers” in our organization. We will gladly pay you for good work output!

You should not accept this position if you are not prepared to exhibit perfect attendance for 90 to 120 days. Attendance and Performance are inextricably linked, and the learning curve is directly proportionate to your attendance and performance. In other words, the more you are present, the more you learn. What you learn will build momentum for your proficiency. Things happen and require time off, but this will require you to make personal sacrifices for professional advancement.

You will be micromanaged for at least 90 days to make sure you are getting the details right.

Jessica Fowlkes