HVAC Mechanic

$52,000 - $56,000 yearly
  • NAS Lemoore Public Works
  • Naval Air Station Lemoore, Avenger Avenue, Lemoore, CA, USA
  • May 15, 2019
Full time Construction Engineering Facilities Installation-Maint-Repair Management Project Managment Technician Maintenance Supervisor

Job Description

Diagnoses, locates and repairs malfunctions to the main operating mechanical components of
large, complex heating, ventilation; air conditioning, and refrigeration systems (HVAC).
Disassembles and repairs a variety of components including compressors, evaporators,
condensers, cooling coils, air handlers, bearings, water control valves, air dampers, etc.
Lubricates moving parts and replaces air filters, v belts, electrical motors, pulleys, sheaves,
bearings, fan shafts, etc.
Tests for refrigerant leaks and uses a refrigerant recovery/ recycling station, to Environmental
Protection Agency standards to safely reclaim, recycle and store the refrigerant before repairs
can be made.
Repairs HVAC systems and components in structures such as, warehouses, hangars, hospitals,
large office buildings and complexes, including those with areas that have special requirements
such as communication centers, electronic data processing centers, training rooms, and other
areas with sensitive equipment.
Conducts visual and audible examination of equipment components by applying prescribed test
procedures and equipment, and by exploration of probable reasons for equipment failure.
May dismantle, repair and reassemble units such as pumps, impellers, compressors, chillers,
receivers, and evaporators. Performs complex repairs such as installing and fitting connecting
rods, crank shafts, piston rings, bearings, and bushings; overhauling valves by adjusting or
replacing gaskets, springs, floats, diaphragms, valve fittings, seals, and couplings; and aligning
motors and flywheel drives.
Uses all trade tools and test equipment and instruments including, voltage, amperage, and ohm
meters, electronic refrigerant leak detectors, micron vacuum analyzers and pumps, electronic
temperature gauges, capacitor analyzers, etc.
Performs maintenance, calibration, modification, installation, repair and replacement of analog
and direct digital controls (DDC) systems and equipment.


Gary Munson

Greg Fillebrown

Team C


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