• Vie Del Company
  • Fresno, CA, USA
  • Jul 10, 2020
Full time General Labor

Job Description

GENERAL CELLAR WORK:        Includes pushing wheeled transfer pumps around plant, sometimes tipping

            front and back to get over hoses (approximate load forty to fifty pounds), bending to ankle level and reaching to head level to pick up and connect hoses and fittings (approximate load ten to eighty pounds), ascending and descending stairs and ladders (up to forty feet high), washing, requiring lifting washer into tank and operating manual hoist to raise washer (approximate load forty pounds), walking and/or standing on concrete or asphalt floors for up to seven and one-half hours per day.


  1. FILTER OPERATION: Including lifting, turning and dumping fifty pound bags of filter aid (as many

            as one-hundred and fifty to one-hundred and sixty in four to eight hours), also one-hundred pound bags of other materials (during peak, as many as two to three per day), operating valve handles ranging from ankle to above head height, walking and/or standing on concrete or asphalt floors for up to seven and one-half hours per day.  May also include loading of filled drums with two-wheeled cart (filled drums weigh approximately 650 pounds each).


  1. DRUM FILLING: Includes handling empty drums (up to fifty-five pounds each), lifting these from ground

            level to conveyor at approximately twelve inches in height, filling and weighing drums requiring some leaning to adjust scale (reach of three and one-half feet), labeling drums requiring minimal bending from waist, walking or standing on concrete or asphalt floors for up to seven and one-half hours per day.


  1. EVAPORATOR OPERATION: Same as No. 1 except: not required to stand all the time, may sit as much as

            three to four hours per day.


  1. TANK SLUICING: Including leaning into manhole of tank (three to three and one-half feet above floor level)

            holding a one inch or two inch hose with nozzle at eighty psi (pounds per square inch), occasionally entering tanks requiring climbing, bending and twisting.




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  1. DUMP AND FILL OPERATION: Relates to filling or emptying barrels of brandy with fill hoses.

             (Barrels are thirty-six inches tall and twenty-two inches wide, weighing approximately 108 pounds when empty, and 440 pounds when full.)  Involved in this activity would be positioning barrels in pallets or on the warehouse floor, either empty or full, and then positioning hoses which range in length from seventy-five feet to 125 feet, and are one and one-half inches in diameter.  Hoses are arranged to either empty or fill the barrels.


  1. LOADING EMPTY BARRELS: When barrels are being sold, they are moved from pallets in the warehouse,

            most often using a forklift, to the trucks or vans where they are loaded by hand for transport out of the winery.


  1. TAKING SAMPLES: The general winery worker may be required to climb up on pallets to obtain samples

            of brandy.  This involves taking the bung out of the barrel with a hammer and withdrawing the sample.  It is estimated that this activity is done a maximum of two hours per week.


  1. FORKLIFT OPERATOR/CHECKER: When needed, the general winery worker may work as a forklift

            operator/checker.  In this position, he uses a forklift to stack palletized brandy, both for loading and unloading purposes.  On occasion, he is required to get off the forklift to rearrange barrels of brandy on pallets.  This requires manhandling full barrels of brandy weighing approximately 440 pounds.  Normal or corrected to normal hearing and vision are required to perform these tasks.




 Greg Fillebrown