Senior Manager - Operations Support Services

$66,000 - $140,000 yearly
  • Orange County Employees Retirement System
  • Santa Ana, CA, USA
  • Mar 13, 2020
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Job Description


OCERS is seeking a Sr. Manager, Operations Support Services. This is a newly created position, that requires a strategic thinker and leader with knowledge of public administration, architectural planning, engineering principles, construction techniques, and specific practical knowledge related to the job responsibilities described herein. The incumbent will manage the planning, design, and construction of OCERS' new headquarters, as well as develop a plan for the future use of OCERS' existing property.

The Sr. Manager, Operations Support Services reports directly to the Assistant CEO of Internal Operations and will be expected to uphold the highest standards of accountability, professionalism, customer service, and excellence. Under general direction, the Sr. Manager, Operations Support Services will provide support to the Assistant CEO of Internal Operations by planning, organizing, and managing the Operations Support Services Department. The incumbent is responsible for managing professional and administrative team members and will maximize the overall functions of the team which include building maintenance, capital improvement projects, contracts management, Board member elections, and operational risk management.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Oversee and manage the performance of professional and administrative team members, including establishing performance requirements and professional development targets; Assist in developing options for the best use of OCERS' existing properties and implement strategies as approved by OCERS' Board of Retirement; Oversee the planning, design, and construction of a government/public facility that will be OCERS' future headquarters; Coordinate with consultants, contractors, OCERS' Finance Department, and project managers in the design, development, and delivery of OCERS' headquarter project; Plan, direct, monitor, and review work plans and project progress; lead weekly meetings with OCERS' Headquarter Project team to ensure project objectives are achieved; Review architectural plans and coordinate with consultants to ensure agency requirements and design concepts are incorporated into the building plans; Interpret and apply federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding structural adequacy, appropriate life safety, fire emergency exit configuration, and environmental considerations; Evaluate and assess, the physical security of OCERS facilities, recommend and implement strategies when appropriate; Oversee building management and repairs of OCERS' facilities; coordinate projects, maintenance, building security, procurement, and contract management, business continuity/disaster recovery planning, and operational risk management; Analyze equipment and material needs and prepare recommendations to prudently enhance operations; Manage contract agreements and effectively represent OCERS in dealings and negotiations with consultants, contractors, and other agencies; Prepare annual budget for the Operations Support Services Department, and coordinate with the property manager to prepare and maintain a rolling five (5) year maintenance repair plan; operate within established funding;
Recommend and evaluate policies and procedures for the administration of the Operations Support Services Department; Identify and analyze operational and functional problems; design and implement solutions; Promote a strong commitment to safety awareness and compliance; Oversee OCERS' Board of Retirement election process; Make presentations to the Board of Retirement and executive leadership as requested; Consistently demonstrating respect, and thoughtfulness, with regards to others.

Minimum Qualifications
Education and Experience Graduation from an accredited university or college with a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture, Engineering, Construction or a closely related field. AND Seven (7) years of experience in building, planning, civil, and commercial building construction or construction management, including a minimum of three (3) years managing or supervising staff. Special Notes, Licenses or Requirements: A valid California Class C driver's license or the ability to arrange necessary and timely transportation for field travel. May be required to use a personal vehicle. Successful candidates must be able to pass a thorough background investigation, including a Live Scan fingerprint screening. Highly Desirable: Possession of a valid Professional Engineer license issued by the State of California Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologist (PELSG) or a valid Architect license issued by the California Architects Board. Highly Desirable: Possession of a valid Construction Management Certification.
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Leadership and Teamwork Results-oriented, problem solver with political acumen; well-rounded professional that can comfortably change focus as the needs of the department fluctuate over time; capable of presenting complex issues and policies to OCERS' Board of Retirement. Strong ability to foster and promote the development of workplace culture based on collaboration, mutual respect, professionalism, and responsibility. Exhibit excellent judgment, the ability to take the initiative, and a strong commitment to maintaining a high level of ethical and confidentiality standards. Relationship Building/Effective Communication Exceptional relationship-building skills; provide superior customer service when responding to inquiries and/or complaints, and use diplomacy when dealing with challenging situations and/or people. Effectively demonstrate interpersonal, analytical, and verbal presentation skills with an ability to establish and maintain trusting, professional, and collaborative working relationships with internal and external stakeholders, including members of the Board of Retirement, OCERS team members, service providers, vendors, project managers, and consultants.

Project Management
Effectively coordinate with consultants and project managers the preparation of specific scopes of work, including architects, general contractor floor plans, section and enlarged details, and schedules; Successfully manage projects, including the tracking of the project's scope, schedule and budget and report on the progress of the project to a variety of audiences.
Knowledge/Skills/Abilities The following lists the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform the essential duties of the position.

Knowledge of: Theory, principles, and practices of government planning, engineering design, construction management, contract administration, and project/program management that relate to a public facility, infrastructure, and economic development; Current environmental laws, procedures, and techniques and general appreciation and sensitivity for environmental concepts within the context of building construction and land development; City, State, and Federal building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, fire, zoning, property maintenance, and public nuisance codes; Principles and practices of commercial building electrical, plumbing, and mechanical installation, repair, and techniques; Principles and practices of project management applicable to managing engineering design and construction projects to meet completion deadlines within an approved budget; State contractors' licensing rules and regulations; Public contracting principles, including proposal preparation, contract negotiation, and procurement policies; Computer applications and hardware related to the performance of the essential functions of the job.

Skills/Ability to: Establish and maintain effective, professional working relationships with retirement system members, Board of Retirement, participating employers, OCERS' team members, public officials, contractors, vendors, and the public; Read, review, and comprehend architectural, civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and/or life safety construction plans, blueprints, schematics, and other complex drawings; Interpret contract plans and specifications and resolve potential construction concerns; Formulate, analyze, and effectively communicate processes and development plans to the Board of Retirement, OCERS' team members, and the public; Understand and interpret laws, regulations, policies, and ordinances; Perform the mathematical calculations required by the job; Calculate and prepare statistical data and reports for the Board of Retirement; Compile, organize, prepare, and maintain an assortment of records, reports, and information; Plan, organize, and prioritize daily assignments and work activities; Analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action by applying conflict resolution strategies and practices; Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing with a variety of individuals representing diverse cultures and backgrounds; Maintain a professional demeanor in volatile situations that require a high degree of sensitivity, tact, and diplomacy; Exercise appropriate judgment in answering questions and releasing information; Demonstrate strict confidentiality, professionalism, integrity, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations at all times; Effectively use computer systems, software applications, and modern business equipment to perform a variety of work tasks.

Physical, Mental and Environmental Conditions The following is a description of the physical and mental abilities that are customarily required to perform the essential job functions of this position.

Physical and Mental Demands Speak and hear well enough to communicate in English clearly and understandably in person, over the telephone, and in small groups; Manual dexterity sufficient to use hands, arms, and shoulders repetitively to operate a telephone, keyboard, write, and use a calculator; Mental stamina to interact professionally with members of the Board of Retirement, participating employers, peers, and retirement system members; Vision sufficient to read fine print and a computer monitor; Independent body mobility, agility, and stamina to stand, walk, stoop, bend, and twist, in order to access a standard office environment; Ability to sit for prolonged periods-of-time; Subject to standing for extended periods-of-time, walking over rough or uneven surfaces, bending, reaching, kneeling, and climbing ladders and stairs, crawling, and occasional lifting of objects up to 50 pounds.

Environmental Conditions The primary workplace is in an office environment, working with standard office equipment; Peripheral office equipment generates a quiet to moderate noise level; Operates in an environment that includes elected officials, non-elected officials, government agencies, community interest groups, and the general public in the development and coordination of OCERS affairs; Out of area travel may be required to attend professional conferences and meetings; Occasional exposure to inclement weather and varying temperatures, subject to driving a vehicle to conduct work; Subject to working at heights and below ground, exposure to dust, pollen, noise, balancing on high or narrow places, working in excavations, and general hazards associated with construction sites; Subject to exposure to dirt, weeds, potentially hazardous materials, rodents, and insects.

Compensation and Benefits Compensation will be determined based on the experience level, credentials, and personal characteristics of the candidate. Successful candidates will be eligible to participate in OCERS' employee benefits package. The competitive benefits package includes retirement and deferred compensation programs; health, dental, life, and disability insurance; professional organization memberships and tuition reimbursement up to $10,000 maximum annually; a taxable optional benefits plan; and accrued paid annual leave. Relocation expenses will be negotiated on an individual basis.


OCERS Human Resources Department will screen all applications and supplemental responses to identify qualified candidates. Applications submitted without a completed supplemental information form will be disqualified from further consideration. After screening, the more qualified candidates will be referred to the next step in the recruitment process and notified of all further procedures applicable to their application status.
Application Appraisal Panel (AAP): (Refer/Non-Refer) Application materials will be rated by a panel of job knowledge experts for those qualifications most needed to perform the duties of the job. The more qualified candidates will be referred to the next step. All notifications regarding this recruitment will be sent via e

Qualifications Appraisal Panel (QAP): (Weighted 100%) Candidates will be interviewed and rated by a panel of job knowledge experts. Each candidate's rating will be based on responses to a series of structured questions designed to elicit the candidate's qualifications for the job.

Based on OCERS' needs and the number of applications received, the selection procedures listed above may be modified and all affected candidates will be notified.


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