Founded in 2014, Ofo is the world’s first “non-docking” bicycle-sharing platform,

operated via an online mobile app. Combining the idea of the sharing economy and

smart appliances, Ofo enables users to hire a bicycle anytime and anywhere. It is a

revolutionary and game-changing start-up providing a convenient and on-demand

bike hire service, promoting a green and healthy way to commute, helping to solve

the first / final mile(s) problem.

Since it was established 2014, ofo has become the world’s largest bicycle-sharing

platform with the fastest growth of new users. It has more than 200+ million

registered users, raised over $1.3 billion USD from venture capital funds to become

the biggest bike sharing company globally. We operate in over 250 cities, and

provide in excess of 32 million bike rides per day. We're looking for great people to

help build and scale North American operations! Roles will start off as a six-month contract but have the potential to become a full-time position.