Sacramento County

The County of Sacramento was incorporated in 1850 in response to the needs of a growing population and was one of the original 27 counties of California. In 1933, the Sacramento County Charter was established, along with the County Executive position.

The County is governed by five members of the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, elected on a non-partisan basis to serve staggered four-year terms, each representing one of the five districts. The County Executive is responsible to the Board for planning, organizing and directing County activities. Other elected officials include the Assessor, District Attorney and the Sheriff.

 In 1972, an amendment to the County Charter was implemented to organize the County on an agency basis for more effective administration of functions for which the County Executive is responsible to the Board of Supervisors. Approved by the electorate, the amendment established agency heads to groups of County Departments. The four agencies within the County, which report to the County Executive and Assistant County Executive, are Administrative Services, Municipal Services, Public Works and Infrastructure, and Social Services. Sacramento County has more than 30 departments and offices that provide services to County residents.

 The County is responsible, pursuant to the County Charter or ordinances, or by state or federal mandate, to provide health and welfare, criminal justice and municipal services (including law enforcement), as well as other services to County residents. Major services include the Airport System, Animal Care and Regulation, Clerk Recorder, Criminal Justice, Health and Welfare, Property Tax System, Regional Parks, Transportation, Waste Management and Recycling, Voter Registration and Water Resources.

The County’s total operating budget for 2017-18 is $4.15 billion, and there are more than 12,200 full-time employees.