U.S. Forest Service

  • Foresthill, CA, USA

Our Mission

A graphic that shows several Forest Service employees in the office, another outside near a tree and another employee inspecting seedlings.

To sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the Nation’s forests and grasslands to meet the needs of present and future generations. 

At the heart of our agency’s mission is our purpose—the ultimate answer to why we do what we do. Everything we do—across our broad and diverse agency—is intended to help sustain forests and grasslands for present and future generations. Why? Because our stewardship work supports nature in sustaining life. This is the purpose that drives our agency’s mission and motivates our work across the agency. It’s been there from our agency’s very beginning, and it still drives us. 

To advance our mission and serve our purpose, we balance the short and long-term needs of people and nature by—

  • Working in collaboration with communities and our partners;
  • Providing access to resources and experiences that promote economicecological, and social vitality; and
  • Connecting people to the land and one another.
  • Delivering world-class sciencetechnology and land management.

This is our value: what the Forest Service uniquely has to offer. 

Our Values

Our agency’s values reflect the proud heritage of the Forest Service, expressed in the language of today’s workforce. 

As employees of the Forest Service, we believe in—

  • Service. To each other. To the American people. To the planet.
  • Interdependence. Of all things. People and nature. Communities and colleagues. The past, present, and future. 
  • Conservation. Protection when necessary. Preservation when appropriate. Restoration, when needed, and wise management for multiple use and enjoyment always.
  • Diversity.  People and cultures. Perspectives and ideas. Experiences and ecosystems.
  • Safety. In every way: physical, psychological, and social.


Anthony Altemoos

Mar 21, 2024
Full time
$23.00 - $24.00 hourly
U.S. Forest Service Oroville, CA, USA
INTRODUCTION The position is established to assist journey Engineering Equipment Operators and to perform laborer work. MAJOR DUTIES Performs the simpler and more routine operation of heavy gasoline or diesel powered equipment,  such as, large industrial tractors, dump trucks, motor graders, soil compactors,  tractors with attachments, dozer tractors, front-end loaders, backhoes, excavators and brush cutters.   Operates equipment to perform basic assignments for cutting, moving, digging, grading, and rolling earth, sand, stone, and other materials.  Work involves flat and stable terrain conditions when maintaining ditches, road shoulders and beds, and fire lines. Incumbent hooks up attachments when required and learns to perform adjustments such as setting level, angle, or depth. Responsible for performing basic service and maintenance on equipment operated.  Incumbent receives detailed instructions and training to...
Mar 21, 2024
Full time
$16.00 - $18.00 hourly
U.S. Forest Service Oroville, CA, USA
Description of the duties associated with this position: Performs tasks in field with road maintenance crew, requires physical effort, use power chain saw equipment and common hand tools. Tasks include but are not limited to: 1) Moves heavy freight, furniture, machinery, supplies, equipment and other very heavy items by use of hand trucks or other moving equipment and places or stacks for storage; 2) Cuts trees, clears brush, removes rocks, digs ditches and back fills; digs loose bars, digs post holes and plumbs posts; clears and levels ground; replaces barriers, paints or stains; 3) Operates heavy-duty power mowers, weed trimmers, tillers, chain saws, pallet jacks, powered snow blowers, high-pressure sprayers, jackhammers, floor buffers and steam cleaners. 4) Assembles and places a variety of items and structures needed to complete assignments; 5) Cleans, oils, lubricates, and performs minor adjustments on power equipment. 6) Operates motor vehicle in support of...