Inter-Con Security

  • Pasadena, CA, United States

ince 1973 Inter-con has been the premier American owned security provider in the world. As company we pride ourselves on providing the ethical and high-quality product to ensure the safety and security of our customers. As a diverse company, we appreciate the importance of diversity within our leadership, our workforce and our customers.

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Since our first security officer stood post in 1973, Inter-Con has met the challenge of developing comprehensive, high-level security programs for each of our clients. Today, Inter-Con employs tens of thousands of security professionals worldwide and has risen to be an innovative leader in the security industry.


Inter-Con’s vision, mission and values are the foundation of how we do business. From the very beginning, these have been the driving force behind every level of our organization.


At the helm of Inter-Con, is Enrique "Rick" Hernandez, Jr., the founder’s son. Together, with an impressive executive management team, he leads Inter-Con with a commitment to our vision, mission and values. Our executive leadership is fully accountable for the success of each of our clients’ security programs. We pride ourselves on the close relationships that our executive team maintains with each of our clients.


Inter-Con’s global footprint and infrastructure are among our key differentiators in the security industry. With operations spanning across the globe, Inter-Con understands and is able to provide solutions to the challenges our customers face.


Inter-Con’s own rich heritage began as a small business. As such, we are committed to assisting in the development and growth of quality suppliers in multiple diversity categories.