Electric Motor Shop and Supply Co.

Frank S. Caglia, the patriarch of the Caglia family, was born in the humble village of Maschito, Italy in 1912. The oldest of twelve children, he immigrated to the U.S. with his family by way of Ellis Island and settled in Fresno.

Frank began working at the Electric Motor Shop when he was a teenager, sweeping, cleaning and learning the business as he worked. As a young man, he began buying ownership interests in the business, and when the original owners retired, Frank saw an opportunity and purchased the remaining shares of the business. Under Frank’s leadership and with his entrepreneurial spirit, the business prospered and developed into a well-known, highly respected Fresno landmark.

Established in 1913, today Electric Motor Shop is a premier electrical contractor, motor repair shop and electrical supply wholesale distributor. Dick Caglia, Frank’s son, has been the General Manager of Electric Motor Shop and the Caglia Family companies for many years, and his children work with him today. Frank’s daughter, Sally, is Executive Administrator for the Caglia Family companies.

We are thankful to our dedicated and innovative team of employees who strive to cultivate strong relationships with our customers, our suppliers and fellow employees. Since our beginning, we've taken pride in delivering premium quality products and the highest level of service to our customers. We are committed to providing you with complete electrical industrial solutions into the 21st century.