San Diego Airport Authority

  • San Diego, CA, United States

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority was created on January 1, 2003, as an independent agency to manage the day-to-day operations of San Diego International Airport and address the region’s long-term air transportation needs.

The legislation that created the Airport Authority mandates three main responsibilities:

  • Operate San Diego International Airport
  • Plan for the future air transportation needs of the region
  • Serve as the region’s Airport Land Use Commission – and ensure the adoption of land use plans that protect public health and safety surrounding all 16 of the county’s airports.

Our Mission

We will plan for and provide air transportation services to the region with safe, effective facilities that exceed our customer expectations. We are committed to operating San Diego's air transportation gateways in a manner that promotes the region's prosperity and protects its quality of life.


Mastering the Art of Airports


  • We recognize the needs of our customers come first
  • We pursue excellence in all our business processes
  • We conduct our affairs with honesty and integrity
  • We provide a safe, secure, quality-oriented, highly efficient environment
  • We foster an informed, productive, diverse, enthusiastic work force
  • We believe that continuous learning and personal involvement are job responsibilities
  • We believe that everyone counts and we count on everyone


  • Operate our airport in a safe, secure, environmentally sound, effective, and efficient manner
  • Achieve the highest level of internal and external customer satisfaction
  • Be a trusted and highly responsive regional agency
  • Ensure the highest level of employee commitment and performance
  • Enhance the financial position of the Airport Authority