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Chris Lussier, President of HireTech, is a retired naval officer with 22 years experience in the naval nuclear propulsion program including managing a large engineering and technical services organization.

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$25.00 - $35.00 hourly
HireTech San Diego, CA, USA
Jun 06, 2019
Full time
Job Description: Reports to the West Coast Ship Check Supervisor in the Third Party Planning (TPP) Execution Division.  Responsible for conducting ship checks onboard naval vessels, in direct support of advanced planning work specification development.  Will utilize applicable drawings and references to conduct ship checks onboard Naval Vessels, validate provided Work Notifications, determine the scope of repairs, and provide an advanced planner with amplifying information to aid in work specification development.  Will also identify shipboard interferences and any other special circumstances that will impact the planning process and work specification development.  Will document these ship checks with detailed information and photographs on an approved ship check form in Portable Document Format (PDF). Job Requirements: The candidate must have extensive knowledge of shipboard structural, mechanical, piping and electrical systems and understand Navy shipboard compartmentation lay-out.  The candidate must have the ability to read, understand and validate a Work Notification and to determine the scope of work contained within that Work Notification.  The candidate must be familiar with Standard Drawing Indexes, Navy Standard Drawings, blueprints, system diagrams, Navy acronyms, and other technical publications and references.  The candidate must have the ability to conduct research and determine the correct reference and/or drawing required for the scope of work identified in the Work Notification.  The candidate must also have physical ability to climb ladders, transit decks and perform work onboard Naval Vessels.  Approximately 10% overseas travel may be required.  Knowledge of Microsoft Office and ADOBE programs including word processing, databases and spreadsheets is desired. Security Clearance: No security clearance is required for this position, however the candidate must be able to obtain a Common Access Card (CAC) and/or Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) credential to allow Naval installation access. Contact information. Availability for interview. Earliest start date if offered a position.         Vestnys, Stephanie