Police Recruit, City of Sacramento

$43,742 - $50,637 yearly
  • Sacramento Police Department
  • Sacramento, CA, USA
  • Oct 13, 2019
Full time Customer Service Entry Level Government Legal Law Enforcement Safety Driver Analyst

Job Description

Police Recruit

$43,741.78 - $50,636.56 Annually
Sacramento, CA
Job Type
Limited Term / Benefit Qualified
Job Number
5/31/2019 11:59 PM Pacific


Applications submitted for this position will be considered for:
Police Officer OR Community Service Officer (Limited-Term) 

Please Note: a candidate must successfully pass a thorough background investigation, including a criminal history check for job-related convictions, fingerprinting, polygraph test, credit check, and a drug use history to be considered for this position.


Under close supervision working developmental assignments and preparing for nomination to the police academy, Police Recruits participate in basic law enforcement training, gain an understanding of police procedures, law enforcement techniques, and first aid, acquire physical and emotional skills needed to successfully complete the police academy and may perform non-sworn, non-hazardous duties in support of a variety of police operations.

The Police Recruit is a non-career developmental classification used to prepare potential Police Officer candidates. Incumbents undergo a formal, comprehensive training program to prepare for performing non-sworn, non-hazardous duties in support of police operations. Incumbents are expected to attend college level courses in order to eventually satisfy the minimum qualification requirements of the Police Officer classification.

Police Recruit is distinguished from the Police Cadet classification in that the latter has the same qualification standards as Police Officer and obtains police authority upon graduation from the Academy while the latter is used to recruit and train individuals who are working to satisfy the minimum age and educational qualification standards of the Police Officer classification.

Immediate supervision is provided by higher-level sworn or civilian personnel.




  • Learn and apply knowledge of the Sacramento Police Department's organization, chain of command, and rules and regulations.
  • Learn, identify and emulate principles and techniques that promote community service, crime prevention, and appropriate behavior.
  • Learn and apply knowledge of enforcement and procedural aspects of criminal law and the legal obligations inherent in enforcement of those laws.
  • Learn and apply knowledge of proficient application of the rules of evidence.
  • Receive training in and practice effective and professional communications through written, oral, and mechanical media.
  • Learn to recognize vehicle violations, locating the violations in the Vehicle Code, and under supervision, safely and professionally contact the violator.
  • Participate and assist in applying basic criminal investigation processes and techniques, including the identification, collection, and preservation of evidence, courtroom testimony, and witness interrogation.
  • Learn and practice physical fitness and defense techniques programs.
  • Learn and practice first-aid, including Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation techniques.
  • Other related duties may also be performed; not all duties listed are necessarily performed by each individual holding this classification. Duties may include, but are not limited to, assisting in routine investigations; assisting in preparing non-injury police reports; assisting in responding to fire alarms, street hazards and found property calls; assisting in traffic and non-violent crowd control duties; as directed transporting citizens, personnel and equipment.




Ability to:

  • Acquire, through training, knowledge of modern approved principles, practices, and procedures of police work, state laws, City ordinances, first-aid, the geography of the City, and the location of important buildings.
  • Write clearly, accurately, concisely, legibly, and with correct English grammatical construction and spelling.
  • Read and interpret complex technical documents in English.
  • Understand and carry out oral and written instructions.
  • Observe, assimilate, remember, record, and recall pertinent facts and details.
  • Read maps and mapped information.
  • Apply selected knowledge (i.e., laws, statutes, court decisions, department policies, criminal investigation theories, etc.) in collecting, organizing, and analyzing a variety of information in order to decide on an appropriate and reasonable course of action.
  • Analyze problems and have the potential to rationally and calmly take effective action in emergency and stress situations.
  • Plan and effectively present material orally to diverse groups.
  • Deal courteously but firmly with the general public.
  • Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with co-workers and other City employees.
  • Undergo strenuous physical conditioning.


Any combination of education and experience that would provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:

High school diploma or G.E.D. equivalent.

No experience required.


Must be at least 18 years of age by the time of appointment.

Must be a citizen of the United States by the date of appointment.

Driver License:
Possession of a valid California Class C Driver License at the time of appointment.

Respiratory Protective Equipment:
Work in this class requires wearing respiratory protective equipment at times. When assigned to such work, facial hair must be shaven when it interferes with the safe fitting of respiratory protective equipment.

Felony Convictions:
Free of felony convictions under California Government Code Section 1029.

Must pass a background investigation, which includes a criminal history check for job-related convictions, fingerprinting, polygraph test, credit check, and drug use history.

Medical/Drug Test:
Must pass a medical examination and drug test.

Training Requirements: Incumbents must be enrolled in a minimum of twelve (12) semester units at an accredited college or university and maintain a 2.0 grade point average until a minimum of sixty (60) units needed to satisfy the minimum qualification requirements of the Police Officer classification have been attained.

This is a developmental classification designed to attract and retain persons with the desire and potential to be appointed to the Police Officer classification and who are working to satisfy the minimum qualification requirements of the Police Officer classification. Failure to make satisfactory progress may be cause for termination.




Please note, the City of Sacramento's preferred method of communication with applicants is via e-mail. As such, please ensure you verify the e-mail address on your application, and check your e-mail frequently, including your spam and junk folders. All e-mail notifications can be accessed through the governmentjobs.com applicant inbox.

1.  Application Review: (Pass/Fail) All applicants must complete and submit online:

  • A City of Sacramento employment application;
  • A completed Supplemental Questionnaire and;
  • Optional - send a valid and legible copy of your T-Score letter to the City of Sacramento Human Resources Department (refer to Test Exemption section below).
  • Applications will be reviewed in accordance with cut-off dates.  All necessary paperwork must be submitted before the final filing date.  Incomplete applications will not pass the application review; omitted information cannot be considered or assumed.
  • If you are currently on an active Eligible (PASS) List for the Police Recruit position, it is unnecessary to reapply and/or retake the PELLETB for this position.  Each Eligible (PASS) List is active for one (1) year from the date it is established.

2.  Supplemental Questionnaire:  (Pass/Fail) - In addition to the City of Sacramento employment application, all applicants must complete and submit online responses to the supplemental questionnaire.

3.  Written Test:  (Pass/Fail): - Candidates will be notified by e-mail (check your SPAM and JUNK folders) and/or U.S. Mail of the written date, time and location; tentatively scheduled for June 26, 2019.  The written test is the multiple-choice P.O.S.T. certified Entry-Level Law Enforcement Battery (PELLETB).  The PELLETB may include, but is not limited to, clarity, vocabulary, spelling, and reading comprehension.  The PELLETB is administered by the City of Sacramento Human Resources Department.

TEST PREPARATION - The PELLETB for California Peace Officer preparation guide is available ONLINE at http://lib.post.ca.gov/Publications/poWrittenPracticeTest.pdf (Download PDF reader)

TEST EXEMPTION - If you have previously taken the PELLETB with another law enforcement agency within two years of the final filing date and earned a T-Score of 45 or higher you may be considered exempt from the PELLETB.  To receive consideration for exemption, submit a valid and legible copy of your T-Score letter to the City of Sacramento Human Resources Department using one of the following methods:

  • Attach your valid T-Score letter to your online application;
  • Fax it to (916) 596-1556, Subject:  Police Recruit
  • Email it to employment@cityofsacramento.org and include "Police Recruit" in the Subject Line.

Per P.O.S.T. regulation:

  • The T-Score letter must be issued on AGENCY LETTERHEAD and must include the score section breakdown (Written, Reading and Total T-Score).
  • You cannot re-take the PELLETB in less than 30 days.
  • The written test for Correctional Officer or Probation Officer are not equivalent to the PELLETB and are therefore not eligible for consideration from test exemption.

Per City of Sacramento Human Resources Department requirement:

  •  The test date must be clearly visible on the T-Score letter to receive consideration for test exemption.
  • The T-Score letter must be a legible, clear copy.

4. Oral Interview Test: (100%) - The oral interview test will consist of job-related questions. The Oral Interview Test is administered by the Sacramento Police Department.

5. Physical Agility Test(Pass/Fail) - Applicants who pass the oral interview test will be required to pass the physical agility test.  The Physical Agility Test is administered by the Sacramento Police Department.

6. Background Process: If considered for appointment, candidates must pass a background investigation, which includes a criminal history check, fingerprinting, polygraph test, credit check, and drug use history.


Bruce Riley


Well written and spoken English, analytical and organized, physically fit, H.H Diploma or GED, 18 years old, U.S. Citizen, no felony convictions, pass background and medical.