Recruiting and Retention NCO- AGR (E4-E6)- Northern California Locations

  • California Army National Guard - AGR- Army
  • Northern California, CA, USA
  • Mar 20, 2019
Full time Government Human Resources Marketing Other Staffing-Recuiter

Job Description

California National Guard - Human Resources Office
Army Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Nationwide
Enlisted E6 Vacancy Announcement 1 POSITION
Announcement Number:
Opening Date:
19 March 2019
Closing Date:
Opened Until Filled
Position Title:
Recruiting and Retention NCO
UIC/TDA/UMR Para/Line Number:
Maximum Grade: E6 (See Rank Eligibility Note Below)
Minimum Grade: E4 (P)
BDE/Unit Name and Address:
850 All America City Blvd,
Roseville, CA 95678
Duty At: Multiple Northern CA Locations
Selecting Official:
REC & RET BN Commander
Personnel Eligible to Apply:
Male Female
Enlisted Security Clearance Requirement: Top Secret Secret Top Secret SBI/SCI National Agency Check-LC Minimum Military Education Requirements: Basic Leadership Course (BLC) Area of Consideration Minimum Eligibility Criteria Membership Eligibility: Nationwide means: Any member of Army National Guard, Army Active Guard Reserve (AGR) or Title 10 Active Duty Army personnel may apply. Applicants on Active Duty Title 10 must ETS within 45 days of closing date. Rank Eligibility:  If accessed as an E6, the selected applicant must have less than 14 total years of Active Federal Service on the date the applicant is assessed into the AGR Program. (Not applicable to Current AGR Members)  If accessed as an E5, the selected applicant must have less than 11 total years of Active Federal Service on the date the applicant is assessed into the AGR Program. (Not applicable to Current AGR Members)  If accessed as an E4 (P), the selected applicant must have less than 5 total years of Active Federal Service on the date the applicant is assessed into the AGR Program.  Over-grade applicants must include with packet a memorandum stating acceptance of an administrative reduction.  All other applicants that do not meet the minimum eligibility criteria are ineligible to apply. Conditions of Employment
IAW AR 135-18, NGR 600-5, and CA ARNG Pam 600-200 applicants must meet the following requirements prior to applications being forwarded for board consideration:
Applications from Soldiers who do not qualify under AR 135-18, Table 2–1, or who have a non-waivable disqualification under Table 2–3, or who fail to meet any additional requirements prescribed by Chief, National Guard Bureau, will be disapproved and returned to the applicant. Soldiers who qualify under Table 2–1, but have a waivable disqualification under Table 2–2, will attach a request for the appropriate waiver to their applications.
 New hire authorizations are subject to priority of fill process IAW with CA ARNG Pamphlet 600-200, 2-2c; priority fills will supersede all other new hires IAW approved AGR allocations. Effective date of hire will be determined in accordance with priority fill determination / funding.
 To qualify for initial entry into the ARNG Title 32 AGR FTNGD Program applicants must meet the requirements of AR 135-18 (The Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Program); have an approved waiver per AR 135-18; not be disqualified per AR 135-18; and meet any additional requirements prescribed by the Director, Army National Guard
 All applicants will sign a NGB Form 34-2 (Certificate of Agreement and Understanding) during their accession process into the ARNG Title 32 AGR FTNGD Program..
 Accessions into the AGR Program with assignment to Positions of Significant Trust (POST) requires screening of personnel selected for suitability and security before assignment to POST. In order to ensure the best qualified personnel serve in identified POST. The Position of Trust standards are qualifications for specified assignments and not a standard of service.
 (When applicable) Per AR 135-18, Table 2-1, Staff Sergeant, or above, must possess the required grade and MOS level, authorized for the AGR duty position. E-5 and below applicants, who are Non-Duty MOSQ, must have the potential to become DMOSQ within 12 months of the initial tour start date or be released from the AGR Program.
 This position is in the Full Time Military Force (FTM) – Active Guard Reserve (AGR) program. Military Status will be: Full-Time Military Title 32 Section 502 (f) (AGR). Initial AGR tours are three (3) years.
 Applicants must be eligible for reenlistment or extension IAW NGR 600-200 (ARNGUS) or AR 140-111 (USAR), unless the disqualification for reenlistment or extension can be waived under these regulations.
 Stabilization Policy (When Applicable): IAW NGR (AR) 600-5 Chapter 3, Para 3-5(c). Soldiers entering an initial three-year tour must serve a minimum of 36 months if not MOS qualified, 24 months if qualified. This time period is waiverable to 18 months before a soldier can be considered for another AGR position within the State. A waiver request must be submitted IAW NGR 600-5, and CA ARNG Circular 135-18 for initial tour Soldiers with 18 months on AGR status.
 To meet the stabilization policy above and upon being selected for this position, Soldiers who are non-duty MOSQ and/or meet the maximum grade requirement will sign a memorandum of understanding which states the voluntary removal from the promotion list upon the effective date of hire for a period of 12 months prior to a promotion board cycle.
 Applicants must not have been relieved for cause from any duty position in the 36-month period preceding the date of application for the AGR Program, or the scheduled date of entry in the AGR Program.
 Applicants must not be Flagged (Adverse, APFT, or Height and Weight) or be in a Medical Non-Deployable (MND) status (IAW AR 40-501, pregnancy is not a disqualifying condition).
 Applicants must currently meet the security clearance requirement.
 IAW AR 135-18, Table 2-1 Rule C (1). Prior to entry on AD or FTNGD in the AGR program, applicants must be medically certified as drug free, be tested negative for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). HIV test must be within six months.
 IAW AR 135-18, Table 2-1 Rule C (3) and NGB-ARH-08-025. Prior to entry on AD or FTNGD in AGR Program, applicants must meet medical fitness standards. PHA must be within 12 months. Primary Duties and Responsibilities Recruits and retains qualified Soldiers for entry into the California Army National Guard in accordance with applicable regulations and directives. Provides current status on total lead production and processing enlistment for the unit. Provides current and future Soldier retention information. Coordinates and conducts unit strength maintenance training programs. Supports the Family Assistance Program. Prospects and refines leads. Conducts school programs. Determines basic enlistment eligibility. Prequalifies individuals for enlistment. Determines eligibility for extension or immediate reenlistment. Conducts enlistment, attrition management, and retention interviews. Explains the Selected Reserve Incentive Program and the Montgomery GI Bill, Initial Entry Training (IET) requirements, test results, enlistment options/programs/obligations, non-regular service retirement, employer support, and reemployment rights. Evaluates unit sponsorship programs. Briefs applicants on MEPS processing. Prepares and completes enlistment packets. Counsels applicants. Operate Guard Accession Information Network System. Establishes media contacts. Conducts direct mail campaigns. Evaluates the unit's retention environment. Explain strength maintenance recognition programs. Conducts strength maintenance interviews and briefings. Develops a time management work plan. Trains unit first line leaders on career planning. Reviews requests for separation/transfer/discharge. Reviews extension/immediate reenlistment procedures. Identifies alternatives to separation/transfer/discharge. Evaluates retention data, forms, and files. Analyzes unit pay and performance data. Initiates security for family assistance operations. Explain the National Guard Family Program. Identifies resources for family assistance. Provides referral services for family members. Prepare DD Form 1172 for DEERS enrollment, issues ID cards during mobilization. Performs other duties as assigned. Additional Unit Requirements: All Soldiers performing a recruiting function and in a duty position on the Recruiting and Retention Battalion (RRBN) TDA must meet Recruiting/Training Cadre Suitability requirements and must have the following completed for validation of hire: Recruiting/Training Cadre Suitability Questionnaire, Favorable T3 (NACLC) back ground investigation or higher, MEDPROS printout reflecting current PHA., and a negative National Sex Offender search, Favorable OMPF with no Type 1 or Type 2 offenses. Send completed suitability packet to SSG Lori Marsh via email at For questions or concerns regarding screening packet process call 916-854-1325. If suitability packet is not received prior to the AGR Hiring board date, your packet will be returned without action and you will be required to apply at a later date.  Soldiers who have not completed Initial Entry Training (IET) are ineligible to apply.  E4 Soldiers currently have WLC/BLC completed and is currently on a promotion OML.  Applicant must obtain a Secret security clearance within 12 months of hire date.  All Applicants must complete the Recruiter/Training Cadre Suitability in conjunction with the submission of the AGR application.  Requires mandatory formal training IAW MOS.  Must have no documented instances in the last 5 years of conduct which reflects adversely on the character, honesty, or integrity of the Soldier.  Must have no non-waivable record of disciplinary action under UCMJ or patterns of behavior which indicates a lack of integrity, or which is inconsistent with the MOS.  Must have no non-waivable convictions or other adverse disciplinary convictions for criminal offenses listed as a misdemeanor or felony outlines in AR 601-210, chapter 4. Requirement for qualifying ASVAB scores: Soldiers applying must meet the following eligibility criteria IAW DA Pam 611-21:  A physical profile of 132221.  Must meet the minimum score of 110 in aptitude area GT waivable to 100 and 96 in aptitude area ST on ASVAB tests administered on and after 2 January 2002.  Must meet the minimum score of 110 in aptitude area GT waivable to 100 and 100 in aptitude area ST on ASVAB tests administered prior to 2 January 2002. Instructions for Applying
Interested applicants who meet the eligibility criteria listed in this announcement may apply by submitting the below listed documents to: California National Guard through SAFE in one .pdf file to (SAFE Instructions are below. APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED AS AN UNENCRYPTED E-MAIL ATTACHMENT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. All ineligible, illegible, or incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant without consideration from the hiring board. Complete applications must be received at the email address above as one completed file no later than 2359 Hours Pacific Standard time of the day the Vacancy Announcement closes. Items 1-15 below are required if for any reason an applicant is unable to submit all documents below, a memorandum from the applicant must accompany the application explaining the discrepancy with the applicants packet. Applicants must, as a minimum, submit the
following documents: If required item(s) are missing from your packet it will be returned to the applicant due to lack of information:
1. Applicant’s Worksheet found at Ensure that all items are completed in Parts I and Part II of the Notification of Results California National Guard Position.
2. Recruiter and Training Cadre Suitability Questionnaire for Recruiting and Retention Position. (See Attachments)
3. NGB Form 34-1 dated 20131111 (with signature and date). Ensure that you annotate both Tour Number and Position Title on the top of page one, of the application.
4. NGB Form 34-2 dated 20140921 (with section II, and III filled out by the applicant).
5. Most recent Medical Protection System Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) Record accessible through
Army Knowledge Online AKO. The IMR must be dated within the last 12 months to be valid. (Available on AKO). (select IMR record).
6. Letters of recommendation, or Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report (NCOER) as required by the position announcement. Submit last 3 NCOERs if the previous 3 NCOERs are not available, supervisor must provide written statement/memo providing information as to why soldier’s NCOERs are not available. Applicants in the grade of E4 and below or recently promoted E5s, must submit at least one current letter of recommendation in lieu of this requirement. Ensure that this letter is dated within 45 days of effective date of vacancy announcement and that it highlights job assignment, duties and capabilities.
7. Certified Copy of Officer Record Brief (ORB) or Enlisted Record Brief (ERB) and PQR as appropriate. (Certified Copy – See frequently asked questions)
8. DA 1506 (Statement of Service with signature and date).
9. Statement of all active service performed. The following documents are acceptable: Current Retirement Points Accounting Management (RPAM) Statement (NGB Form 23B (Army National Guard Retirement Points History Statement); For other services, equivalent retirement points statement; Certificate of Release or discharge (DD Form 214, (s), DD Form 220(s), and any accompanying DD Form 215(s) if applicable).
10. DA Photograph in military uniform taken within the last 24 months is required. DA photo must be taken IAW AR 640-30. The recommended photo size should be no smaller than a 3X5, but best size for photo should be 4X6, 5X5, 8X10. For Soldiers in the grade of E4 and E5, a DA photo is not required. However, a photo is required in the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) or Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) and must be submitted in keeping with the previously discussed sizes. (DA Photo-See frequently asked questions)
11. Enlisted Biographical Summary IAW CA ARNG PAM 600-8-19, Figure A-5.
12. Certified copy of one of the following official document demonstrating qualifying Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery/Armed Forces Classification Test (ASVAB/AFCT) scores. Applicants should make every effort to retrieve their Reenlistment Eligibility Data Display (REDD), or the official test results from a Recruiter. If these are unable to be retrieved, the DD Form 1966-1 may be accepted. (Certified Copy – See frequently asked questions)
13. Certified copy of current DA Form 705 (APFT Scorecard), within six months for “on-board” AGR Soldiers, and within 12 months for traditional Guardsmen. Ensure that height and weight are annotated. (Certified Copy – See frequently asked questions)
14. Certified copy of current DA Form 5500 / DA Form 5501 as applicable, Must meet standards IAW AR 600-9. (Certified Copy – See frequently asked questions)
15. Security Clearance Letter of Verification. (Letter of Verification can be obtained from the Brigade Security Manager).
16. Current DMV print out (within six months) must be enclosed with this packet. Must have a current driver’s license. DMV online Driver’s record can be submitted if it shows Soldier’s name, current address, current driver license status and history on it. California DMV link: Soldiers unable to obtain a current DMV print out due to mobilization must provide a memorandum of justification. Upon return from mobilization, Soldiers must provide a DMV print out prior to orders being published.
17. Applicants who answer YES to questions 8 or 12 – 16 of section IV, NGB Form 34-1, dated 20131111, or have not completed initial entry training (IET) are ineligible to apply. DD Form 214(s) that have unfavorable remarks to include: Unsatisfactory Performance, Misconduct, Dropped from the Rolls (DRF) Unsuitability/Unfitness, or In Lieu of Court-Martial are ineligible to apply IAW AR 135-18, AR 135-91 Chapter 4, 26, AR 135-178 Chapter 3, 8, and 635-200 Chapter 11. Instructions for Submitting Applications
SAFE Instructions: Website:
1. Select accordingly if you are accessing the website from a computer with CAC Access or not. Note: Either option will allow you to send an encrypted file.
2. Enter or confirm your name is entered, then enter email address (all e-mail addresses work with SAFE).
3. Click Browse to attach your PDF File and once selected it will appear under File(s) (Applications must be submitted as one file).
4. Once you see the file, click the Box next to Privacy Act Data.
5. To the right, in the Box “Description of Files,” please enter the following: "Announcement Number", “Position Title”, and “Your Last Name” (i.e., 015-19, Recruiter, Smith)
6. Under Recipient Information enter email address: and Click Add.
7. Confirm the e-mail address has moved to the Recipients List Box next to where you entered it.
8. Under Email Setting, Click on the following boxes:
a. Encrypt email message when possible.
b. (Optional) Notify me when file(s) downloads are STARTED (system generated email).
c. Notify me when file(s) downloads are COMPLETED (system generated email).
d. Require CAC for Pick-up (all recipients will need to log in with a CAC to download file(s).
9. Click on FOUO.
10. Click Upload. Remarks
Salary: Salary IAW current rank and active duty pay documents.
Equal Opportunity: The California National Guard is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All applicants will be protected under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 against discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender or national origin.



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