Chaplain-Muslim (Statewide) CDCR

$4,809 - $6,313 monthly
  • California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation
  • Sacramento, CA, USA
  • May 14, 2019
Full time Government Nonprofit-Social Services Other Law Enforcement

Job Description

Job Description
The Muslim Chaplain, under direction, provides spiritual and moral guidance to State
institution residents, to conduct Islamic religious services and instructions; interviews
and counsels youthful offenders or inmates on ethical and moral problems and spiritual
matters; presides at Jumah Prayer services, Eids and Taiwah, Ramadan and other
Islamic days of religious observance, and conducts other Islamic services as needed by
the residents; organizes and instructs classes in Islamic religion and ethics; cooperates
with other staff members in carrying out the institution treatment program; supervises
the arranging of programs conducted in the institution by visiting religious and allied
groups; assists in problems involving welfare agencies where family help is needed;
visits the sick; works with residents in their group and club activities; counsels with
families on problems involved in rehabilitation; explains and interprets the institution’s
religious program to community groups; serves, when designated, as a member of or
consultant to the institution Classification Committee; and does other related duties.


Bruce Riley


Completion of at least two years of Islamic Religious studies, including Islamic History, the Holy Quaran, Principles of Faith and Articles of Faith in any masjid or college.