AC Mech 1 Avionics Communication / Navigation / Jamming Systems

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  • Lemoore, CA, USA
  • Feb 15, 2019
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Job Description

AC Mech 1-Avionics Communication / Navigation / Jamming Systems-17


The Avionics Technician II (ALQ-99) performs scheduled/unscheduled aircraft/essential flight line service maintenance actions as directed, to accomplish Flight schedule.  Aircraft Electronics Technician II shall be experienced in maintaining F/A-18 aircraft electrical generators, load banks, starters, relays, batteries, actuators, circuit breakers, switches, weapons release and control checks, aircraft communications and navigation system and aircraft instruments.  Also, the candidate shall be knowledgeable in automatic flight control stabilization systems, weapons integration systems and fuel quantity systems.  Maintains, repairs, troubleshoots, modifies, and installs various types of electronic transmitting and receiving equipment.  Performs organizational level maintenance on EA-18G Airborne Electronic Attack System. Systems include the ALQ-99 (Tactical Jamming System Receiver), INCANS (Interference Cancellation System), MATT (Multi-mission Advance Tactical Terminal), and CCS (Communications Countermeasures Set). Applies technical knowledge of electronics principles in determining equipment malfunctions, and applies skill in restoring equipment operation, evaluates performance and reliability of prototype or production mode, and recommends changes in circuitry or installation specifications to simplify assembly and maintenance.

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    Essential Job Functions:


    F/A-18 Electronics Technician II applies basic and some advanced technical knowledge to solve routine aircraft electrical and avionics system problems by interpreting manufacturers’ manuals or similar documents.  Work requires familiarity with the interrelationships of circuits and judgment in planning work sequence, in selecting tools, testing instruments, and is reviewed for compliance with accepted practices.  This Technician works under immediate supervision and receives technical guidance, as required, from supervisor or higher level Technician.


    Minimum Education and Experience Required:


    • Candidate experience must be clearly defined on resume with specific dates (month & year)/locations of relevant experience.
    • Shall have completed Navy Class A school for Aviation Electricians or Aviation Electronic Technicians, or USMC/USCG equivalent.
    • Shall have completed USN/USMC Class C school in electrical or electronic repair for F/A-18 (60 months O-level F/A-18 electrical or avionics experience may be substituted for the Class C school).
    • Shall have NEC 8394 or 8395 EA-18G Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) System Maintenance Technician

    -    Shall have a minimum of 60 months USN/USMC/USCG O-level Avionics/Electrician experience.  Minimum 36 months F/A-18 O-

         Level Avionics/Electrician experience, 24 within past 36 months preferred

    -    Must have completed USN/USMC/USCG Basic Aviation Corrosion Control training.

    -    Must be able to draw, load and maintain physical security of all associated Communications Security (COMSEC) equipment for F/A-

         18 aircraft.

    -    High School graduate or equivalent.  Must have a valid driver’s license.  Must have a current secret level clearance and be able to  

         maintain it.  Must be available to work any shift.




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