FTNGD-CD 19-023 Ground Tactical Team Leader - E4-E5 - San Bruno

  • California National Guard
  • San Bruno, CA, USA
  • Jan 14, 2019
Full time Law Enforcement Defense Contractor/ National Defense Operations

Job Description

1. POSITION AVAILABLE: Ground Tactical Support (Durational)
6. TOUR LENGTH/PROJECTED TOUR START DATE: 1 February 2019 – 30 September 2019
8. MOS / AFSC: (Preferred) 31B, 31C, 11B, 11C, 19D, 18Series, 74D, 68W
All members of the California Army National Guard
10. SELECTING SUPERVISOR: Counterdrug Coordinator
11. MILITARY STATUS: FTNGD-CD, Title 32 USC, SECTION 502 (f) – (IAW 32 USC 112)
12. APPLICANT MUST, at a minimum, submit documents referenced in attachment A to this announcement and
meet all applicable criteria below:
a. Applicants must possess a favorable National Agency Check/Local Agency Check with Credit Check (NACLC)
within the past 10 years. The selection for the position is conditional and based on a complete and favorable
LIVESCAN by the California Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
b. Applicants will be screened in a manner that provides reasonable certainty that the member is of good character,
well motivated and an appropriate representative of the National Guard in duties subject to high profile scrutiny
by Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), National Guard senior commanders, news media and the general public.
c. Applicants must be within Army HT/WT standards or pass Body Composition screening IAW the standards set
forth in AR 600-9.
13. Unique Requirements and conditions of Counterdrug tours:
a. Urinalysis testing upon entry to active duty in addition to periodic testing during active duty. These
requirements are in addition to testing by units of assignment during IDT/IAD under Substance Abuse Testing
Program. Non-derogatory drug screening results prior to entry into the Counterdrug Program is mandatory.
b. CDTF personnel are required to attend ALL M-Day unit IDT/IAD and Annual Training while on FTNGD-CD.
FTNGD-CD 19-023 Ground Tactical Support (CDNC) Durational
c. CDTF personnel on FTNGD-CD orders are subject to fiscal constraints of year-to-year funding. Service on FTNGD-CD is voluntary and contingent on current and qualified participation as a California National Guard Service Member.
d. Relocation expenses are NOT authorized unless specifically granted in writing by Counterdrug Commander (CDC).
e. Ground Tactical Team Members are required to attend a physically and mentally demanding 2 week tactical field training course. Failure to pass the course will result in removal from the CDTF Program.
f. Criminal records checks, and/or security screening by LEAs of applicants serving in LEA offices or in positions where they are privy to operational information of LEAs. Such inquiries are likely to be completed prior to entry on duty. Rejection by LEA’s may result in the applicant’s removal from the CDTF Program.
g. Be advised, selection for this CDTF Tour includes budgetary consideration of the SM reaching eighteen (18) years of cumulative active federal service (AFS).
h. National Guard members participating in the Counterdrug Support Program are required to comply with
state laws and with DoD 5500.7-R. They are required to uphold the highest standards of conduct and personal
i. Outside employment, associations and off-duty conduct/activities must be consistent with federal
directives on ethics and with state and federal conflict of interest policies. Outside employment will require written approval of CDC according to para 8-25 of this regulation.
14. Tour Description
Counterdrug Task Force Ground Tactical members work in direct support of Federal, State, Tribal and Local Law Enforcement Agencies working within the state of California:
Duties include but are not limited to:
a. Ground Reconnaissance
b. Urban Operations
c. Helicopter Operations
d. TDY for an extended period of time and travel on short notice
h. Work a flexible schedule to include shift work, weekends and holidays as operations dictate
i. Conduct armed operations. Familiarization with M9, M11, M16, and M4 Carbine Rifle

15. Qualifications
Minimum Qualifications:
a. Ability to obtain a Government Travel Card (GTC)
c. Valid driver’s license
d. Ability to travel weeks at a time
e. Strong computer skills
f. Ability to work flexible hours and work assignments
g. Be of high moral and ethical standards
h. Motivated self-starter and team oriented
i. Ability to work in a physically demanding environment
j. Ability to work with no constraints at high elevations and/or extreme heights
k. Must be able to qualify (min of Expert 36/40) on the M9/M11 pistol upon entrance to CDTF.
l. Strong verbal and written skills
m. Minimum 250 APFT
Preferred Qualifications:
a. Medical training (CLS / TCCC / Nationally Registered EMT)
b. Operational experience
b. Combat Arms/Military Police/CBRN MOS or Pararescue/Security Forces AFSC
c. HAZMAT Operations certificate
d. HAZMAT Operations/Mitigation experience
e. Prior CD experience (GTT)
f. Prior Ground Reconnaissance/Surveillance experience (Urban and Rural)
g. Prior Short Haul experience
h. Demonstrate weapon (M11, M9, M16, M4) proficiency
i. 270 APFT
16. Applicants meeting any of the following are INELIGIBLE to APPLY:
a. Not a member of the CA Army National Guard
b. Does not meet medical retention standards
c. Does not meet body composition/weight control standards prescribed by AR 600-9 / NGR (AF) 35-11
d. Involuntarily removed from AD or FTNGD for cause, non-selection for promotion, or resignation in lieu of
adverse personnel action
e. Non-selection for retention
f. Under current suspension of favorable personnel action (flagged) per AR 600-8-2
g. Any Felony Level Offenses and Specified Misdemeanor Offenses annotated in JFHQ Policy Memorandum 2008-04
h. Cannot have a DUI/DWI/Wet and Reckless within the last three years
17. Questions may be directed to the CD-1 NCOIC at (916) 369-4905 or (916) 369-4935. Applications will not be
accepted in binders or document protectors. Documents should not be double-sided or stapled. Applications can
only be received by mail or email to the CD1 Application mailbox at: ng.ca.caarng.mbx.cdtf-applications@mail.mil
prior to announcement closing date.
Counterdrug Task Force
ATTN: CD-1 NCOIC, SFC Alejandro Arias
10620 Mather Blvd
Mather, CA 95655-4125
FTNGD-CD 19-023 Ground Tactical Support (CDNC) Durational
18. Equal Opportunity: The California National Guard is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Selection for this position will be made without regard to of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, age or any other non-merit factor.
19. Candidate Selection: Boards will be either in-person at Counterdrug Headquarters in Mather, CA 95655 or
telephonic at a TBD date.
FTNGD-CD 19-023 Ground Tactical Support (CDNC) Durational
(Attachment A)
The following are required documents to be turned in with your application:
1. Letter of Validation from first Commander or their designee, signed within 60 days of the tour effective date, acknowledging all statements and information within the letter to be true and accurate. A template is found here: https://calguard.ca.gov/cdtf/
2. Military Biographical Summary. A Military Biographical Summary example is posted here: https://calguard.ca.gov/cdtf/
3. Resume
4. CAJS-CD, Application for Full-time National Guard Duty- Counterdrug (FTNGD-CD) https://calguard.ca.gov/cdtf/
5. Army: Retirement Points Accounting Statement (RPAS) / Air Force: AF Form 526 – Points Summary Credit (Updated within 60 days of the tour effective date).
6. Army: Personnel Qualification Record (PQR) Air Force: AF vMPF Record Review (Including Individual, Duty, Assignments, Performance Reports, Promotions, Awards & Decs, Aircrew, Education & Training, and Service)
7. Complete and signed CD Forms 301-302
8. Army: Submit the last two (2) consecutive NCOERs / OERs. Air Force: Submit the last two (2) consecutive EPRs / OPRs
9. Medical:
a) Army: Printout of Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) report. Found under AKO, My Medical Readiness. Select IMR Record. ** Report must have been generated within 60 days prior to tour effective date.
b) PHA should be current within 12 months of the effective date of the tour and contain no flags or profiles.
c) Applicants must meet medical retention standards per AR 40-501 and must not be flagged for weight, PT failures or be medically non-deployable (MND).
d) Air Force: Printout of your AF 422 Form. PHA should be current within 12 months. If applying for any position requiring a Flight Physical, submit a copy of current DD 2992.
e) Females: Upon selection will be required to take a pregnancy test within 15 days of starting CDTF tour; results must be negative.
10. Army: Copy of a current Army Physical Fitness Test (AFPT) taken within six (6) months of the FTNGCD order’s start date
Air Force: Copy of Physical Fitness Test within 1 year of effective date of tour.
11. Copy of ten year driving record from the California Department of Motor Vehicles within 60 days prior to tour effective date. (www.dmv.org)
12. Optional – Applicants may submit up to three letters of recommendation from former employers/supervisors/ commanders (if applicable).