The primary purpose of the IT SPECIALIST (INFOSEC), GS-2210-9/11, is to ensure compliance for information assurance throughout the state.

    • Evaluates the effectiveness of systems, devices, procedures, and methods used to safeguard information in computer accessible media.
    • Directs actions required to prevent and/or correct information assurance deficiencies and violations.
    • Receives and reviews written guidance from enforcement agencies.
    • Administers firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDS) and monitors unauthorized access.

    The position resides within the infrastructure and support functions of the state National Guard; the incumbent is not subject to mobilization, nor is the work described part of the military mission; and the incumbent does not perform a key advisory or essential administrative role that is inherently military. In addition, the position must meet one of the following: It does not have a comparable military function; the position is required in full-time (civilian) role when the organization, or similar military position, is mobilized to perform continuing post-mobilization functions; or the position requires a skill or competency that necessitates technical expertise or professional qualifications that cannot be readily found in the military structure of the state military force.

    At the lower grade level of GS-09, the incumbent performs the basic duties and has the basic responsibilities as described above; however, assistance, guidance and support from the supervisor or co-workers is provided as required until statutory and performance requirements for advancement to the next higher level are met.