Engineering Equipment Operator/Driver, U.S. Forrest Service, Oroville, CA

$50,246 - $60,296 yearly
  • U.S. Forest Service
  • Oroville, CA, USA
  • Jun 02, 2020
Full time General Labor Government Other Transportation Driver

Job Description


The position is established on a Forest unit to support of road systems and other program areas.  Incumbent operates and maintains engineering equipment.  


This position drives vehicles that require a Class A or Class B Commercial Driver's License (CDL), based on the type or kind of equipment being operated. The incumbent must ensure appropriate permits are obtained for transporting and operating equipment assigned. As such, this position is a Test Designated Position (TDP) under the United States Forest Service (USFS) / Department of Transportation (DOT) Alcohol and Controlled Substances Testing Program.



  • Operates one or more heavy gasoline or diesel powered wheeled or crawler type engineering and construction equipment to excavate, backfill, grade or level earth to rough specifications on such projects as roads, ditches, or construction sites. Transports heavy equipment to job site.


  • Moves earth and rock, piles brush, able to operate mastication cutting head, pulls planting equipment, etc., on mountains with steep slopes, graded curves and shoulders, rocky or soft ground, hilly forests, and other surfaces with similar rough features to grade the earth to the general contour desired on trails, roads, canals, tunnels, or construction sites. Performs rough grading as well as fine surfacing on flat or rolling terrain. May perform fine grading with closer instruction and supervision


  • Adjusts equipment attachments for proper positioning and working order, making adjustments without stopping the power unit or the equipment. Steers and operates by using clutches, levers, brakes, and valves according to the slope or tilt.


  • Ensures equipment is maintained in good working condition. Performs inspections, preventive maintenance, minor repairs and adjustments, and maintains proper records.   Reports major mechanical repairs to supervisor. 


  • Performs other duties as assigned.





SKILL AND KNOWLEDGE                   

Skill in the use of different sets of controls in order to grade surfaces to rough or fine specifications by adjusting attachments while the vehicle is in motion on all types of terrain. 

Knowledge of the purpose and limitations of a variety of attachments.

Good depth perception and a high degree of concentration are required to perform the operations necessary to grade the surface. 

Knowledge of a variety of soil composition and conformation sufficient to determine equipment needed to excavate, backfill,  grade or level earth to rough specifications on projects  such as roads, ditches, or construction sites. 


The supervisor provides oral or written instructions concerning job location and work to do.  The incumbent performs difficult tasks of rough grading the earth to the general contour desired as well as fine surfacing on flat or rolling terrain without direct supervision. 

The incumbent must remain constantly alert and operate equipment safely, especially with work on rough terrain and when near other persons or buildings, to prevent injuries to others or damage to equipment. 


Considerable physical effort is required to stand, reach, bend, turn and move hands, arms and legs to handle different sets of controls when operating large pieces of equipment and attachments.

The incumbent is frequently required to work in awkward or strained positions because of the location of some of the controls and attachments. 

Considerable strain is caused by the constant vibration of the equipment and the constant jerking and jolting over rough surfaces.  Frequent adjustments may be required under more adverse operating conditions. 

WORKING CONDITIONS                                                 

Work is performed in all types of large and complicated equipment in all types of weather.  Work is on hills, slopes, grades, rolling surfaces and in forests.  Difficult working conditions increase the exposure to injury from the equipment overturning, noise, vibration, dust, and fumes.



DRUG TESTING: This is a Testing Designated Position (TDP). Selectee must submit to a urinalysis to screen for illegal drug use prior to appointment and random testing thereafter. Final appointment and continued employment is conditional on negative results for illegal drug use. This announcement constitutes 30 days advance notice.


This position requires the selectee to obtain or possess a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and therefore, is a Testing Designated Position (TDP) under the Department of Transportation (DOT)/Forest Service Alcohol and Controlled Substance Testing Program. Applicant tentatively selected for this position will be required to submit to urinalysis to screen for illegal drug use unless they currently occupy a TDP under the DOT/Forest Service Alcohol and Controlled Substances Testing Program. Final appointment is conditional on a negative drug test. This announcement constitutes 30 days advance notice.


Final Grade: The highest level of trade skill and knowledge for this position equates to the   WG-10 grade level. 

Anthony Altemoos


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