360 Management Group

  • Panorama City

Due to the aging buildings and rapidly changing regulations, many hospitals and clinics are now expected to make the necessary upgrades to their facilities.  

The increase in state regulations for hospital infrastructure forces administrative teams to focus on meeting these rules rather than the many other needs of the facility. Teams often feel bewildered with determining the best course of action.


360 Management Group is here to help!

Our experience in numerous aspects of the healthcare field have led us to understand the day-to-day demands of running hospitals and clinics. We take the burden of project management off hospital administration, so their focus can be on serving the patients and community.


We work with Hospital Administrations to create a customized plan to fit individual hospital needs.

In order to serve administration better and to create a more efficient workflow, our team will take over managing construction projects from design to build.  With the help of Inspectors of Records, our team is well-versed in OSHPD regulations, which will help the process flow smoothly.