DigiStream® was founded in 2001 as a firm focused exclusively on surveillance. Painstaking time and resources were dedicated to the perfection of the trade through technology, equipment, and investigator training. As such, DigiStream® sets itself apart from the competition through company-owned and monitored vehicles, flat-fee pricing, and a commitment to never close difficult cases even after the original assignment has been completed. All surveillance includes our Next Day Video® updates. On every single case that we work for you, we send you an email within 24 hours of working the surveillance that includes a link to view video of your claimant the very next day after it is obtained.

$38,000 - $42,000 yearly
DigiStream Sacramento, CA, USA
Oct 09, 2019
Full time
DigiStream Investigations (national headquarters office in West Sacramento) seeks two full-time travelling Field Investigators to work cases primarily in the Sacramento region and Central Valley, but also must be available to work cases out of state, including Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and Texas (all travel expenses paid!). These two hires would likely work directly under the Founder of DigiStream, and alongside our innovative Research & Development team in this West Sac office.  This is a very entry-level position, especially with the starting pay, but these positions would very likely be fast-tracked to promoting quickly if they excel early on.Work Schedule:  Full-Time, 40-55 hours per week, 10-11 hours per day average with commute time “on the clock” Starting Hourly Pay rate: $14.00 - $15.00 per hour (entry-level) First Year Total Compensation: $38,000-$42,000 range, frequent overtime Employee Benefits:  Health, Dental, Vision, and Life insurance offered, and 401(k) retirement plan with 4% Company Match offered *Applicants must currently reside in the Greater Sacramento region *Applicants must be 21 years of age due to company auto policy requirement *Company vehicle provided, all equipment provided, and you will be paid to commute to and from your cases *All work expenses including gasoline and vehicle maintenance are covered by DigiStream   Job Summary : DigiStream Investigations, a fast-growing private investigations company, seeks a full- time Field Investigator to investigate suspicious workers’ compensation claims from various corporate clients in Sacramento, and surrounding regions. This position is journalistic and investigative in nature. The job duties center around the investigator’s ability to make quick decisions and obtain quality, covert video footage on various individuals as they conduct their normal day-to-day activities. The investigator will monitor the claimant by driving the company van, and by following the claimant on foot, obtaining video evidence at every opportunity during each case.   The Field Investigator must be assertive and possess the ability to process many mitigating factors during the course of the investigation. Decisions are expected to be made in an accurate and timely manner and in the best interest in preserving the confidentiality of the assignment in question. Note-taking and detailed, objectively written reports will reflect the activities captured by the investigator on each case, and all evidence must be uploaded to the local affiliate office. Responsibilities: - Obtain quality covert video surveillance to be used as evidence in court - Prepare detailed written reports on subjects’ activities throughout each case - Use covert surveillance and creative investigative tactics in order to obtain information that is not readily available         - Maintain prompt completion of all assignments and update the company portal with relevant case information - Maintain frequent phone/text contact with the Operations Manager throughout each investigation and coordinate case logistics based on any client requests - Must be able to drive/work an average of 10-11 hours per case day due to the nature of field surveillance - The Field Investigator will be paid for commute time to and from each case and will be required to stay on each case until at least the 10-hour mark Requirements: - Bachelor's Degree preferred, but not required - Must be at least 21 years of age - Must currently reside in Sacramento, CA - Excellent driving skills - Strong computer skills - Must be able to pass, pre-employment physical, and background check - Ability to start work as early as 5:00am daily - Must be a morning person - Must be available to work weekends and holidays - Must possess critical-thinking skills - Must be available to occasionally travel out of town for extended periods of time Physical Demands: - Frequent use of camcorder - Frequent driving and following claimants - Engaging in occasional lengthy foot surveillance - Sitting for extended periods of time in the company van - Maintaining a surveillance position in hot or cold environments - Typing and viewing a laptop monitor to complete reports - The work is performed primarily in the company van, and at times can be uncomfortable with unfavorable temperatures for extended period of time *Only apply if you have availability to work any of the 7 days each week, and only if you can work a 4 or 5 day per week schedule, including weekends and holidays, with an average of 10-11 hours per day. You will be paid to commute to and from cases. Out-of-town travel will be frequent, and all expenses will be covered by the company.   Arne Eastlund