Americana Plumbing

Mission Statement

Americana Plumbing Experts Inc. is proud and honored to have the privilege of hiring veterans.  We believe our veterans have sacrificed so much for us, and they are treated poorly when they return home.  We at Americana Plumbing Experts Inc. give veterans opportunities to succeed in civilian life as they do when in uniform.  With our staff and team members we are dedicated and equipped to give our customers the service they deserve when hiring a plumber.

Company Mission

We want our customers to know we are available for them 24/7.  All of our customers will be treated with the greatest care and service. A plumbers job is to make sure people have safe, clean drinking water and sanitary ways to dispose of the water, Americana Plumbing Experts Inc. works to insure our clients are always satisfied with our service before we leave there house.

$19.00 - $30.00 hourly
Americana Plumbing 2272 Colorado Blvd #1354, L.A., CA 90041
Dec 17, 2018
Full time
Looking for individuals who have prior experience plumbing - field experience.  LA.. and Palm Springs Experience with soldering copper pipe required. Will conduct soldering on gas pipes; new plumbing work installing copper pipes. Apprentice starting at $19-$23/hr Journeyman $24-$30/hr       Arne Eastlund